ON MAY 26, 1974 AT 1:56 PM


“My beloved children, it is no accident that you are present here today to hear the Words humanly spoken, but of Divine Way.  I am a Saint in the Heavens and I speak softly today, for the child through whom I speak has been used much by The Father all day.

I am Saint Margaret Mary.  Many of you treasure My way.  How many of you truly understand the beat of the heart and the motion it allows you?  As the heart beats, it beats for many reasons, beats really in many ways.  As it is the pump of life, the motor of life the physical way, keep in mind, that The Son of The Father also had a Heart that was pierced by man one day.

The Creator of all men, The Beloved Holy One, The King of All Creations, The King of All Things, created a heart to show man the beauty of action, and He also, through this heart, said, ‘The timing of the heart is important to man, as the time you give to God is important to your Soul.’

So, as your heart beats to keep the physical alive, activated, keep in mind, that through the action of the heart your Soul will survive.  Use your heart in love with Him so that all things you do in time are directed to Him.  Let no man pierce your heart, let no man cause you to be dead; weakness can, lack of self-discipline can, for lack of self-discipline causes an irregular beat in man.

I bless you with The Heart.  I know He loves yours.  I bless you with the Hope that must be yours, and I bless you with the Light through which all men must understand.  I love you, for remember, I, too, was once man.  So be it.”

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