ON JULY 14, 1974 AT 4:49 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Joan of Arc.  I speak very readily through this child and I say, ‘If I were to gather an army today, how many of you would I choose to walk with Me the straight way, and how many of you would remain when a disturbance began, trouble took place?’ In the world now in which you live, The Father is gathering an army, an army to uphold What is good, What is Light, What He gives.

I say to you now, ‘I do come to the world and I am gathering men, men of all ages, all colors, all creeds, all ways of life, and I say to them, “Whether you are ill or well, there is a way to fight satan and keep him into Hell.”’ Do not forget this, for you know, I walked a very special way.  At the time, I did not consider it special, but today, Here in the Heavens I do, for you see, to walk as a leader for man, to drive men, it takes Heavenly skill, but to drive men up this Great Hill takes love, trust, obedience, hope, far more than men know.

And I, Saint Joan say, ‘If I called on you today, would you carry the Sword, the Sword of Love, not as you know it to be, but the Sword to fight for The Holy Trinity, through the power of the love you have and through the Faith He has given you to walk morning, noon and night, in a special manner, in a special way?’ I hand you the Sword; Michael will hold It for you until you have the strength to hold It God’s Way.

There are so many children present in the world who say, ‘I will fight for You, God,’ but will they?  So today throughout the world, I, Joan, am ready and willing and able to hand each child in the world the Sword of Love, the Sword of Hope, the Sword to fight against all things that are wrong, all things that offend Him, for you see, in the time in which you live it is necessary to carry the Sword, the Sword of Love, different than you know.

And I repeat: ‘I gather you today.  How many here will walk with this child, shoulder to shoulder, and hear What I say?’ You have the ability, you have the Faith.  I have given you the Way; It is God’s.  And do not worry if you do not feel strong; the Sword will give you strength.  If you fear, the Sword will be the stabilizing fact, and oh, My children, remember this:  God, through This Great Miracle, has given you a special path, the path to Him, through obedience to the Wisdom He gives; the path to Hope through this Great Hill; first, The Miracle.

And oh, My children, I stand Here now, I can be brave; but it is difficult to walk in the world among men and know that What you teach and What you give is the Wisdom.  Men are afraid to accept the Wisdom, for they know Wisdom is fact, truth, love, hope.

I cannot bless you as you know a Blessing to be, but The Father has granted Me permission to say, ‘With the Sword, I hand you the Faith to believe in The Holy Trinity.’  So be it.”

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