ON AUGUST 18, 1974 AT 1:54 PM


“I say to you on this day, ‘My children, do not depend upon fate.’ I am The Sacred Heart.  If you depend upon fate, you will become a fatalist and you will ignore all the beauty of Faith, for to truly walk in love with The Holy Trinity, you must have Faith.  To have Faith means that you do not totally understand, but you accept firsthand what you know is right, what you know is truth, what you know is good, and what you know is best for you.

I am truly The Sacred Heart and It is My Heart that speaks to you, for the Rays of It extend all over this Hill, and through this child I hand you Grace, Reward.  I give It to you to give you the strength to understand, partially, what This Great Miracle is all about.

And now I take you back to a time when I walked the earth, not as The Sacred Heart but as Man, in a Family.  There was a Mother, Special to the world, Divinely given.  There was a Father Who was obedient.  His Name was Joseph; and now once again, I come to the earth with Him.  He is not man, but through being man, He had the strength, He had the Faith, not to totally understand, but to accept firsthand the Beauty of walking a Special Way.

So I, The Sacred Heart, come to you today, not as an Angel but as a Voice, and I say: ‘Today, I ask you to walk a special way, to latch on to the Rays of My Heart.  Give time, gain Grace; give love, have Faith; and store up Here with Us all the good that you can give, for you see, through Faith comes hope; through hope, love; through love, mercy; through mercy, justice.’

I bless you with The Father and All His Beauty.  I bless you with My Heart, the Rays of which each one of you have touched today, and I bless you with The Light, the Truth that was given through a child such as you.  So be it.”

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