ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1974 AT 1:45 PM


“I, Saint John Vianney, repeat through this child:  The Sign of Love, the Sign of Dignity, the Sign of Faith, is ‘The Sign of The Cross’, His Way, for when you say, when you touch your head, ‘In the Name of The Father,’ you say more than just that; you say, ‘In the Name of The Creator of All Things, in the Name of Divinity, in the Name of The One Whom I love, Who created me.’ And, of course, I could go on and on with this simple little act.

And now, I take you to your breast and I say, ‘When you reach it, know that the heart that is beating, He gave you to do so; and the heart is not just a motor, but it is the means that passes many things:  the blood, the life and the hope.’ And do not forget, when you touch your shoulders, remember this:  modesty and purity, Light, love, security, and you say, ‘In the Name of The Holy Ghost.’

Men have forgotten the Magnitude of this gentle Sign.  All it does, in reality, is say to The Father Divine, ‘I love You and I want all men to know I am a Christian in Your Name.’ So do not forget, the act of love is not just for the priestly ones but all children in the world:

‘In the Name of The Father and of The Son and in the Name of The Holy Ghost, I speak to You, God, as a child that You gave the privilege of human life to.  Do not allow me to always run.  Permit me to walk, permit me to know, permit me to accept the Love that You have, to grow.’ So be it.”

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