ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1974 AT 1:51 PM


“My beloved children, many of you do not know Who I am.  Many of you have heard My Name, and now I will speak in the manner in which I did when I was upon the earth one day.

I am Saint Martin de Porres, and as I speak through this child, I say, ‘Be aware of the scandal that you could be causing in your way each day.’ Are you committing sins against The Heavenly One?  Are you deliberately taking the love of another one and misusing it?  Are you looking for purity in every way?  Are you looking for self-discipline?  Are you reacting or acting?  Are you serving The Father in your little way?  Are you offering to Him every moment of every day?  Are you giving respect to others so they, in turn, will see the example you are, and then, they will act this way?

I lived in a time when many men sinned.  I lived in a time when men were weak.  It is this way today, but you must remember, you must act, not only react, for sometimes reaction takes much time.  Action toward The Divine is easier than you think.

I speak through this child in a distinct way for I want you to remember:  Respect, self-discipline; action, not only reaction; and yes, serve with Faith, for as you do, when you do, others will follow you.

You are Loved much.  You are recognized individually Here, so do not think you are one of many.  You are separate, you are individual.  Do not forget this.  Your prayers are not enmassed with all.  They are individually received and The Father says, and He smiles when He does this, ‘That particular child needs Me.’ So, do not forget, bear this Love and bear It well.  Respect It and you will not go to Hell.  So be it.”

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