ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1974 AT 1:56 PM



There is a, I would call it the horizon, because I see blue this side of it, and I see blue that side of it, but I see that distinct line which we know as the horizon.

Our Lady is in pure white, and the Rays from Her are shining on the water, and as they do, it’s almost like a reflection of Her in the water.  But the Rays that come up this way are different.  They seem transparent and it is as though I see them glow.  And they are Rays like — I can’t explain it — they are bursts from Her, and then they diminish off into great heights off from Her; and She’s smiling as I describe this.

Her Hair is a golden, golden brown, and it’s about down to here and, if I’m seeing correctly, I see it longer in the back, even though She’s covered.  The mantle is not hanging straight down now.  She moved it over and put part of it this way, and it hangs very gracefully this way, to the left of Her.  Excuse me, it’s to Her right and it’s to my left because She’s facing me; so it’s Her right.  She’s smiling.  In the folds of it, there, it appears to me like it’s a shimmering dust.  She says it is occurring this way because of the fold, and the Glorification of Herself, and She’s smiling.

Oh, She is Beautiful, and Her Hands are just magnificent.  Her Gentleness, Calmness, Sweetness, Beauty, is one to behold.  The reflection in the water is also showing the Rays, the burst, and then the diminishing of, and it’s moving out.  It’s covering the whole sea, and the only place that I cannot see the horizon is where She is, and the Rays are continuing out this way.  Oh, She’s Beautiful.


“My beloved children, I want all men to hear These Words that I will speak through this child now.  The Words will be distinct and give All Love, for you see, you are My children, you are His, and sometimes you forget your responsibility.  You forget the beauty of being man, and you forget Where you must come to when the physical does end.  My little ones, My little gems, All Heaven waits for you to ascend, for you to stand before The Father in Purity and love, and look for the Judgment that will be Just, from Above.

My children, cling to My garment, cling to My Hand, cling to the Rays, cling to the Reflection, for as you do, you will find Grace in whatever you do.  Cling to the knowledge, cling to the Faith, cling to the hope.  Cling to The Commandments that He gave.  Cling to the prayer I love, the Rosary.  Cling to the Beads for there is great strength in Them, and cling to The Holy Eucharist for It is Part of Him.  Cling to what you know is right; let no man disturb you, destroy you, and cling to the Purity of His Light, for through It you will be guided to Sainthood.

I bless the whole world on this day, through this child.  I bless you individually and I say, ‘Moments are worthwhile.’ I bless you, not just with a mother’s love, but with a Heavenly Mother’s Love for each of you.  I bless you in the Name of The Father Who created you, and I bless you in the Name of His Heart that He gave for you, and I bless you in the Ray of Light, and the Reflection I leave for you.  So be it.”

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