ON NOVEMBER 10, 1974 AT 6:20 PM


“My beloved children, I am a Saint you have rarely heard from through this child.  I am Saint Lawrence.  I come through this child to give to the world a perfect way to The Divine.  First, children must become pure.  Next, children must better understand the beauty of the human way, and third, children must work in the world in which they stand to make it a better place for other men.

To be example is the greatest Gift in the world as you walk as men, for to be example, it gives you the strength to stand in the manner of teaching, the manner of giving, the manner of loving, and yes, the manner of moving things according to God’s Plan.

Children who selfishly live cannot enjoy the beauty that God can give.  Children who love without self-discipline cannot feel the Power of The Divine, for they are too busy wondering about what is occurring around them, and yes, from them, and they do not understand that the beauty of self-discipline is sometimes a great beginning for man.

There are so many children in the world who wonder and say: ‘What is self-discipline, God?  I feel it every day.’ And those who do not walk a chosen way will never understand the magnitude of self-discipline, for when a child is chosen, the child understands that self-discipline is not to act in the form of man, but to act on Divine Guidance constantly; but, to use discipline where one’s own self is inclined to move.

So, through a chosen child such as this one I use, I, Saint Lawrence say, ‘Self-discipline is an example set forth each day, and through this child many Acts are shown, many Truths are given, and yes, much Example is the criteria for every day.’ So, as I bless the world through this child, I say, ‘Be aware of the truth of self-discipline, the actuality of it and the profoundness in it, and the truth that it is for all men in your day.’

I love you and I say, ‘I stand Here in the Heavens and I try, in every way, to instill in others love for God, in a protective way.’ For the beautiful manner in which He displays to others His Perfect Love, I say, ‘He is the Perfect Example of self-discipline in your day, for do not forget, The Son Who walked the earth, not only conquered and was conquered, but gave in every degree the beauty that self-discipline is, for when He was told to speak, He spoke; when He was told silence was the way, silence it was.’

And when He was torn to shreds, He looked at the men and He said: ‘You know not what you do.  Have you listened yet to another rule?’ But the men were so obnoxious in their way, barbaric in their manner, sadistic in their role, that they could not understand that what He was telling them was that He was not only man, and they had better look beyond their acts and see the truth of all things.

I, Saint Lawrence, say to you, ‘You are living in a time in the world special to The Father and yet special to men.’ So, My children, know that self-discipline is far more than men suspect it to be.  It is an act of love, a motion of action, and yes, a means to great progress.  Self-discipline is:  Do not act with what you feel; act on the Love of Him Who is Real.  So be it.”

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