ON NOVEMBER 10, 1974 AT 8:13 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Robert.  Many children do not know My way.  Many children say: ‘Who is He?  I know His Name is of great worth in the world.’ But I come on this evening to say, ‘Men become great only for the efforts, and yes, the accomplishments that they are involved in, partake in, and the accomplishments that culminate in the life of their way, in the time in which they live.’

Children say, ‘God, help me today.’ He smiles and says: ‘With what?  There are so many areas for you to walk and to stray.’ The child unknowingly says, ‘I want this, God, I want that,’ and He laughingly says, ‘What good will it do you today, child, to have what you desire?’ And of course, the child does not hear Him and the child goes on and says, ‘I will do great things with what You give me to work with.’ And The Father smiles and says: ‘I have given you a will.  That is all you need, for you can do great things with that will.  You can conquer many areas of life and you can project to other men, great example.  Oh, My little one, what more do you expect?’

And I, Saint Robert say: ‘You, too, have been given a will.  You, too, have been given a desire, a task and a Goal.’ The Father will help you if you uphold His Will, His Rules, His Way, His Love, and yes, do not forget, each life can bear much fruit.  It is according to the will of the child, the individual will.

Also, what would a child do if he had the whole world?  He would reach for the stars, and do not forget, if he traveled and reached for the star, he would soon disintegrate.  Do not forget, stay within your realm, participate, cooperate, and be motivated by love for Him.

I, Saint Robert, smile and say, ‘There is so much to be done in the way for each man, for the good of each man, for the sake of each man, and for the Soul of each man.’ Be happy in your work, be joyful in your participation in it, and as you partake, offer it to Him, for then you will know that He will put His Hand upon you and He will say, ‘This way, child; this way, child; this way, child,’ and you will not even feel the Power in it.

I bless you and I say, ‘God loves you and I do, for I am a Saint and I come to the earth through a child who is but an instrument of His Way.’ So be it.”

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