ON DECEMBER 1, 1974 AT 1:41 PM


“You are not fools to believe in This Miracle.  Only those who do not believe are the fools, for the Miracle is of such Greatness, such Profoundness, and such Charity, Hope, and Obedience to Divine Will, that a man who would not believe is the fool.

And I, Saint Joan of Arc say: ‘In My day, there were men who were fools.  They did not truly believe the Voices that I heard, but Mine were different than this child’s, for Mine were out loud, hers are not, not until she speaks the Words to you.’ The child through whom I speak listens all the hours of your day and night, and when she is told to speak out, she does, for it has to be this way, according to His Light.

I am truly Joan of Arc and you are aware of how I walked, but none of you were there to truly hear me talk.  The Odor of Sanctity would permeate the place, and those who were close to me would say, ‘Ah, Joan, I feel the Grace.’ And those men who stood right next to me, when I was in that horrible place, were men of sin, men of hate, and only showed me disgrace.  And the men with whom I walked were on the outside looking in, saying, ‘Joan, ask the Voices to help you.’ And I would say to them: ‘Best you pray for deliverance for me.  I fear what will happen to me,’ but the men did not do as I decreed, for they were concerned about their own physical way.

And now today, I come and say: ‘The war is being fought.  Are you a warrior in His Name?  How strong are you?  How weak are you?  And would you fight for the Christian Name?’ Ask yourselves, My children, on this day, ‘Could you walk listening to the Voices, handing What They say to the whole world, in dignity and trust, in hope and in love; or, would you say to The Father, “Take me away”?’ It takes courage, My children, to walk in this way, for men are afraid to believe in Truth.  Men are afraid to accept Truth, for Truth means that men must obey The Rules and The Regulations, The Commandments, and yes, the beauty of the given way.

I am speaking slowly through this child on this day so each of you will understand Each Word in the simple form It is, but you are also to understand it takes strength to stand for God in your day.  As there are many enemies of Him upon the earth, the child must fight all these enemies, because you see, heresy is developed untruth, and you walk in a time in the number of seven of them, seven heresies to draw you to Hell; Ten Commandments to draw you to Heaven.  The Father’s Number always is higher than the enemy’s, for The Father is The Creator, and the enemy, the imitator.  Remember this.

I could shout through the hills.  I could shout, and It would remain in your minds and in your hearts.  Have Faith, My children, have hope, and don’t stand still, for if you stand still, you must remember this:  the target you make of yourselves could be the one he wants to be his.  Be active for The Father.  Be a Christian, not in flight, but in word, deed, action.  Give other men hope and do not ask to hear The Voices, for there is a responsibility to These Voices you cannot know.

Each of you here can become a Great Saint by doing His Will accordingly:  according to His Commandments, according to the Lessons that He gave through the Wisdom of the Teaching, not the knowledge that men have put in books.  This can draw you down to the pits of Hell.  Knowledge is good when it is according to His Will, and I, Joan of Arc, say to you, ‘Be alert to what you do, what you say, how you say it; and oh, My children, be alert to the friends you have, for some could be foes.’

I bless you from the Heavens and I say: ‘You are Blessed by the Truth.  Be aware of It.  And the voice that you hear is truly Mine from the Heavens.’ So be it.”

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