ON DECEMBER 15, 1974 AT 1:54 PM


“Remember this day, for one day you will look back upon it and you will say, ‘I heard it said, on a special spot, that God chose This Place.’ Do not forget, My children, you must remember Grace, you must be aware of the Power of It, in It, and that It is Reward for things you do in the Name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

Children are forgetting the magnitude of prayer.  They are saying, ‘I pray a lot.’ Are they doing it for self-satisfaction, or for a greater reason:  to give to God what He wants?  Oh, My children, you have heard little from Me in This Great Miracle, but I have spoken a lot.  I am Saint Augustine.

You must remember that there have to be, has to be, must be, Rules for all men to live by, but men oftentimes omit The Rules and lean on a weak way.  They say, ‘Obedience.’ What is obedience, if it is not to God first?  Remember, obedience to God, then to The Heavenly Mother, and then you will be keeping that Fourth Commandment, ‘Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother’, for many men are anxious to break The Rules for they are using the weak excuse, ‘obedience to man’.  Do not forget this.

As a rose is given to the world, as a tree is given to the world, ask yourself, ‘Where did it begin?’ You enjoy them, is this not so?  But how many times have you destroyed a tree?  How many times have you thrown a rose away when it lost its beauty?

I say to you now: ‘There is a Part of you, you cannot throw away, for It will be the Part that will stand in Judgment for all the things that you did, one day.  That, My children, is the Soul, the Part you cannot see, but It is as real as your physical; even more so, for It will remain for All Eternity.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Through a weak child I hand to the world, not only a Lesson, but a Direction for all men to follow to Here, one day.’ Do not feel you are a fool if you believe in What We say, for All the things you have learned have come down to man this way.  So be it.”

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