ON JANUARY 5, 1975 AT 9:31 PM


“I am not the last to speak through this child on this day, but you will not be present during the other times; but Heaven will deliver through her, God’s Love, for her to act upon and extend to all mankind.

Sometimes it is difficult for men to understand what Heaven wants of them.  And now I come to say in a very deliberate way that, first, men must desire to give to God their love firsthand.  They must desire to give time, service, and not say to Him: ‘When I have the time I will give it to You.  When I find the time I will see that You get some of it.’ No, My children, this is not the manner in which you should treat your God.

I am Saint Augustine.  Many times children walk a very long path, and when they do, they decide to suddenly turn His Way.  I was one of the fortunate ones.  It was not too late.  But, there were many times in my life that I wondered what I was missing.  I knew that there was emptiness all around me, and yet I could not decide what was best, but through the Grace of God and through the finding of Hope in a definite way, I suddenly realized that there must be more to this life than I found in my way.

I, in sorrow, and yes, hopefully at that time, in strict obedience to Divine, I wanted to walk solely for the good of God’s Love and for Grace that I felt.  I did not know what It was, but I knew there had to be Reward, for at a special time in my life a mistake I made, made me stop and think, ‘Is this all there is?’ and I felt inside there had to be more.  So I reached out with a reverence and a hope, a desire and a will to find what truly made life not stand still.

So I come on this night to deliver to you that you must take things in an orderly view.  First, look to what you want out of life.  Do you want Sainthood?  That is a good question.

Next, do you want to have your time all for yourself, or do you want to share it and extend it to God for how He Wills it to be?

Another thing:  What vocation have you chosen?  Is it a purely selfish way?

Another thing:  Do you enjoy working for total acclaim for yourself, or do you feel it is not worthwhile upon the earth, and you would rather just stand in the background and serve an Ultimate Goal?

There are so many things men should be told.  This Great Miracle upon the earth has been given to give men Direction, Solid Foundation, Basic Truths, for men to live by, to reach for, and extend in, for you see, men are walking a tightrope, but men are deliberately swaying the tightrope to see if they can stay on it, or if someone will help them reach the other side.

My children, The Father gave each of you a will, and in the will He wants you to decide, not to depend upon other men, but to stand for yourself, for the Soul He gave you, and listen to Him.

I bless you from the Heavens and I say, ‘Do not sway that tightrope you stand upon, for if you do, you could fall into a depth that you would not, in which you would not, want to stay.’

As you are Blessed, know, you are given the strength to make good decisions, sound decisions, right decisions, for through This Great Miracle you have been given the strength to stand for What God Wills.  So be it.”

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