ON FEBRUARY 23, 1975 AT 2:04 PM


“My beloved children, the world does not know the Magnitude of This Great Miracle for the world is too busy looking for personal love.  And I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘I come today to put My Stamp of Approval on This Great Miracle of Hope, of Light, of Truth, and yes, of Teaching,’ for when I walked the earth, My Son, Who was Divine and yet human, taught in the same way:  natural, but always giving proof of the Stability, of the Balance, of the Truth and of the Light, the Way, and yes, the Means.

Children throughout the world are reading books.  Other men have written these books.  It is their interpretation, their thinking, their needs that went into these books.  And I, your Heavenly Mother, say through a child such as you on this day, ‘Be aware and beware of the heresies in your day, for you are not a fool to believe that The Father would send to the earth Another Son, for at that time that He was upon the earth, much sacrifice had to be made.’

Many times We had to flee.  Many times We had to go into seclusion, for men instinctively knew there was something to This Child, Man.  So Joseph would look into My Face and We would say, ‘It is time to go to another place.’

Many men in the world do not know what it means to have to flee, and also, to carry the Wisdom for The Holy Trinity, for wisdom has a burden to it; knowledge, many times, just satisfaction.  There is very little satisfaction in the world this child does live in.  Men criticize, and yes, men try to take This Great Miracle and use It to their own means and manner.

Many, many men throughout the world must come to work for this Great Hill God has put forth upon the earth to give strength once again to mankind, so men will know what is real.  It is sadness Here in the Heavens Where I am, to see so many children responding to other men, and not seeing the Value there is to the Truths that were begun a long time ago.  Do not allow any man to diminish the Church that bears My Name, and the One Church that He gave to give you the way Here.

Do not forget, that at the moment of conception, I knew I was bearing, holding within Me, One Truth; and as I was The Vessel, I was The Tabernacle, I say to you now, ‘Be aware that The Tabernacle still holds His Body for you, and It waits for you, each day, to go there.’

The Father, through this child, asked the world for a miracle, and how many children have responded thus far?  One day, He said to her, ‘Tell the children I want a miracle,’ and she argued the point and said, ‘How can we give You a miracle, my Father?’ And He said, ‘It is the easiest thing for men to do.’ So He allowed the child many hours to wait for the answer He wanted to give, and in the answer, there was such simplicity that it was astounding to hear: ‘Rather than one day for men to come and participate in The Holy Mass of Divine Way, ask men to sacrifice every day.  Fill My Churches and pray.  It is such a simple miracle.  Men can do it.’

So, through The Miracle of The Beloved One, The One Who many times fled to save The Son of The Father and Myself, I say to you: ‘Give God a miracle.  It’s the least that you can do.’ He has given you so much.  He gave you the Crucifix to remember Him by.  He gave you the Church, a long time ago, and the Sacrifice to give It to you was One Alone.  He gave you the Way to Him.  He gave you The Commandments and He gave you the Sacraments.  He gave you Life, He gave you Hope and He gave you Light.  Do not forget this.

And you always ask for Miracles, and many times you receive them.  Many times you do not know that the Miracle has occurred, but The Father has heard your prayers and gave you the Miracle, in the manner and in the degree, in the way that you could handle it.

But now, through This Great Miracle of Hope, The Father comes to the world and says: ‘Ask the children to give Me a miracle.  I want My Churches filled, each day.  I want My children to understand the sacrifice will be small, and My Response will be great.  I want My children to know that that small time each day will be more fulfilling than anything any man can give them, any day, for in reciprocation for their answering My Call, I will bless them abundantly and I will say to one and all: “I give you Grace, I give you Hope, I give you My Love, because I know your sacrifice was meant to serve the Divine Way.  I know that your sacrifice, though small, was great to you, for you see, you not only had to awaken earlier, but through the walking into this place, the awakening was far greater, for I met you at the door and I met you Face to face.”’ So be it.”

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