ON MARCH 30, 1975 AT 2:01 PM


2:01 P.M.


“There are so many children in the world who put so much emphasis on what is in the world, and what attention they are gathering.  This is not necessary.

And I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘Know, that as there is color in the sky, color in the sea, color upon the land, I, too, am of The Holy Trinity.’ I, too, give to you firsthand, The Father’s Love, The Father’s Light, and all the Hope that My Name can, for in the world, I have said to you, ‘Be aware, My children, of the evil one who is all around and wants you.’

Do not forget, My little ones, I do not stand in a tree here, but I speak through a child openly, readily, and I plead with My sons to stand strong, I plead with My daughters to share modesty, and I plead with the little ones to pray to Me.  I plead with the world, through a child such as you, to stand in hope and to serve in love, and to give what you can to The Holy Trinity.  Please, My little ones, save Souls.  I work constantly.  I work openly.  I beseech pleadingly.  Do not reject My Request.

I am truly your Mother.  I am truly of the Heavens, and I truly speak through a child and I say to you on this day, where men celebrate through conscience, not Faith:  to love Him all the way, and as you do, love Him with self-discipline, with hope, with charity and light, and love Him in service, as We did one day.

Be aware of all things.  Be aware of what is truly Faith and be aware of the Truth, for without it, you cannot come This Way.  Be aware of purity.  Be aware of charity.  Be aware of humility; it is not weakness in any day.

The child through whom I speak has suffered much for you. The child through whom I speak, has been torn by reparation, of late, for you.  I say to the world, ‘If I stood before you, would you recognize Whom I am?’ I say, ‘No,’ for I might appear very natural, as I am today to you.

As this Great Place must be built to give Hope to the whole world, I am truly your Heavenly Mother.  I am truly The Blessed One, and I am truly The One Who walked upon the earth to give Light to everyone, to be Example for what you must know, and to hand to the world a Son Who instituted that Holy Church and Who gave of His Life for everyone.

And The One Who went before, The Beloved Joseph, The Father took Him first, because He knew His Love was so great for Him, and for Us with Whom He walked the earth.  And when the time did come and The Son held Him in His Arms, He said: ‘I do not want to go.  My tasks are not yet done.’ And The Son, Who instituted the Church, looked into His Face and said, ‘Father, Son, Your work has just begun.’

So now, in This Great Miracle, you come upon His Birth:  The way He must walk upon the earth, through a woman who walks in the family way, through a Mound of Soil, who must be dedicated totally His Way.  And through this Soil, men will learn the Truth an honorable way.  They will see the dignity in walking the path of Faith.  Conscience, of course, is but a reflection of Faith.  So, do not forget that, as you say:

‘Good morning, God, I love You today.  Help me to know what is best for me.  Help me to see what You want of me.  Help me to feel Your Love every moment, and help me to walk as You deem it to be.  Help me to give to others Your Love, Your Path, and help me to become a Saint and be Where You are At.  Oh, God, do help me to know all this.’

And I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘A Grandmother will speak to you today.  It is Her Love for All of This.’ So be it.”

2:07 P.M.


“My beloved children, I am truly Saint Anne.  I am your Heavenly Grandmother.

I offer you today a favor, a cookie, My Love.  I offer you today, The Father’s Way from Above.  I offer you today, the Will of Him; and I offer you today, the Light of Him, the heat of His sun and the Light of His Love, the Action of Truth and the Faith from Above.  I offer you, not only what a grandmother would, but the Truth and the Hope that He Wills for you.

I am truly your Grandmother.  I am truly the Light.  I am truly Part of your family, day and night.  I am truly in love with what He desires for you.  I love you.  What more can I say to you?  So be it.”

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