ON JULY 27, 1975 AT 8:45 PM


“If I confess I love you, can you return the confession to Me?  Can you say, ‘God, I love You above all things and I give You my life totally with love for The Holy Trinity’?  I say once again, ‘I confess to you now My Love, My Dedication to the good of your Soul, the benefit of your way, and the hope I have for you every day.’ So I, your Father, say with a True Love, ‘I confess to you today through This Great Miracle, My Love.’

Oh, My children, understand that as I love you as you are man, I am your Father, I am All Things.  I created you, I created All Things.  I have given you many things, and today I give you My Love, for It is above all things.

I say to you now, not in desperation, but in truth, and yes, admiration, for you are a creation of Mine that I love above all things, you are a creation of The Divine, and as I hand you My Love, I say: ‘Serve Me every day.  Hand Me your whole being in every way, and as you do, you will grow in more love with Me and My Will, for I am The Creator, I am The Love.’ I am not the imitator, for you see, I am The Designer of All Truth, of All Light and All Love.

Be subject to Me, My little ones.  Serve Me in every way and I will return, in a later day, the Grace and the Reward for all days.  So be it.”

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