ON AUGUST 21, 1975 AT 1:00 AM


“Hopes, dreams, ambitions:  some are to aid the need of a moment, some to fulfill a desire, and some to accomplish comfort for the limited time upon the earth.  I could elaborate upon this portion of this Revealing from the Heavens, but I will limit this part of My time with you.

The world must know that a child, a woman, has been placed in the midst of man to extend to all men the Direction of The Father, the Light He delivers in Teaching, Informing, in Transmitting, in endeavoring to give men Strength, Hope, Light, Knowledge, Wisdom, Goal.

Men draw pictures.  Some of these pictures are done with an artistic flair and could be described in an articulate way, giving hope, promise, love; some, even despair.  I draw you a picture of the world today.  The picture is one in which there is a frenzy, a chaotic appearance.  There is despair in many ways, every direction.  There is no tranquillity, no peace.  There is anxiety, anticipation.  Men are shouting ‘Progress’ and in reality they are causing desecration.

I, My children, am a Saint in the Heavens.  My Name you all know.  I am Pius X.  My Name is as men know Me to be, but I, too, had another name when I walked upon the earth.  If I were to announce it, to most it would not mean a thing.  This should tell you that men do not always remember what is important to an individual, such as a given name.  It is the name that is pronounced and announced in the world that men would cling to, attach things to.

I oftentimes speak through this child to the world of men and I say, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ Be aware of What I say. A child stands in an aloneness, on a precipice, on a tightrope, in a manner and a means delicate, unique, almost transparent some days.  There is no difficulty in her thinking, no confusion in her acts, no anticipation in the results, no preoccupation where submission of her will has taken place, but I announce to the world, through her, that the momentum of This Great Miracle has taken a speed that men could never compete with, comply with, or even anticipate.

Men take a book.  They look at the words, they see the meanings, the definitions that others have placed upon these words, and these words were made up with the alphabet designed by men, allowed by God, so the words form, the words fall into a comfortable manner, stand.  Men say: ‘It sounds like this.  We will throw this letter in and throw that letter in, and we will come up with a word easy to say, palatable’; some intriguing, some quite shallow, but men will always find a meaning, a definition, and they will justify this.

But what men do not understand is that when The Father speaks, the volumes of definitions, the volumes of interpretations, the volumes of translations, He is able to expound in, upon and with, outnumber whatever men could come up with.

I stand in the Heavens and I say: ‘Look to the Faith in your heart.  Look to the acts you perform each day.  Look to the part of your life you submit to His Will.  Look to the reasons in which, for which you act.’ Ask yourselves each day, each moment that you think of it: ‘What am I doing to please Him?  How much of my life do I render unto Him?  What do I say to comfort Him?  What more can I do to show Him my love, and let it be true?’

Oh, My children, the world must see This Miracle.  The world must know the Validity of It, the Justification of It, the Beauty of It, the Wisdom in It, the Light It has shed for the good of man, the Light It has given to sustain man.  Be in hope, rid the world of the chaotic action.  Present to the world the Information, the Teaching, the Light and the Hope, that This Great Miracle that The Beloved Saint Joseph is in charge of for the world, let men know that you stand for It, stand in It, and will give your life for It to be delivered in the manner proposed.

I bless you from the Heavens and I bless you with Love.  I bless you in a Priestly Way, for it was the vocation of Mine I loved.  In the Name of The Heavenly Father, in the hope of His Light, in thanksgiving for His Love, I beseech you to look to Him each day.  In Honor of The Heart, in thanksgiving to the Sacrifice, and in love, with the sharing of His Love, I say, ‘Let the Hope in His Power, the Action of His Wisdom and the Beauty of His Love lead you to Here, beginning today.’ So be it.”

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