ON AUGUST 21, 1975 AT 9:10 PM


“Behold, My children, an era of time, a period of time in which God Himself, from The Divine, whispers the Direction to Here, the Direction to follow, and makes the way clear.  Behold, My children, not the last moments, but the moments to begin to understand the privilege of life, the beauty it is to be man.  Behold, My children, that great orators spoke on the beauty of time and the difficulties of the time in which they lived.  Behold, My children, that all things must balance out according to The Father’s Will and The Rules that He does give.

I speak again.  I am Saint Pius X and I say to you, ‘Behold an era in the Church wherein men, some in wickedness, some in doubt, some in fear, some in personal trial, some in misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and following the wrong translation, are diminishing the Faith, the Magnitude of the Church, and the responsibility they have in it.’ Behold, My children, the time of teaching has almost reached a point where men feel it is no longer necessary.  They feel that teaching is a thing of the past, that men can read what is right and men can interpret, and yes, look to the translation themselves.

But I, Saint Pius X say: ‘It is not right.  Men do not have the capacity, men do not have the Wisdom, and men do not have, truly, the Light, the Light of understanding, the Light of hope, the beauty of Faith, for time has diminished much of this.’ Men have related to the humanistic errors and they say, ‘It is human to err,’ but they forget to add, ‘It is human to seek Light.’

Men have softened the blow of justice for themselves, but I say to you on this day and this night, ‘Judgment is for The Father, not man.’ Justice is The Father’s Way for man, so men, in standing in judgment, and yes, determination to interpret what the judgment should be, are fools in the way of man; fools that do not have the ability to distinguish the beauty of truth, the right of justice, and the humility that is in strength, to conceive and to perceive, to admit, and yes, to commit.

I say to you from the Heavens Where I am: ‘It is Love through which I come.  It is obedience in which I act.  It is Faith, the manner in which I arrived Here.’

Many times, in the time I lived upon the earth, I would discuss with men the need for self-discipline.  I would talk to them at length regarding the facts that they must, first, deny themselves the physical.  Next, they must interest themselves in the Goal for the physical, and then I would talk to them about the beauty of observing Another One, Who was sacrificing to the last.  I discussed at length with many men and women, too, the necessities of life and the beauty that life could be for them; and now I say, for each of you.

Men conspire, men inspire, men transpire, and men, in the littleness they are, can teach by their actions, their deeds, their words.  Men can elaborate by the very power of their being, their will, to extend hope to other men.  Men must understand that preaching has not stopped, teaching has not stopped, Truth has not come to an end, and the beauty and the privilege of a human being, the way of man, has not stopped, but will go on as long as The Father determines it to be.

So I, Saint Pius X, come to say: ‘This child stands in strict obedience. This child stands, always with The Father’s Will and committed totally to His Way, not always in love with His Decision or happy with His Judgment or, I would say, in agreement with His Justice, but committed, dedicated in service to follow His, not Opinion but Direction, His Love and His Hope, His Desires for the world.’ And sometimes He looks at her and says, ‘It will be difficult but it will be good for those I am concerned of, for those for whom I am concerned, and for those with whom I speak and cannot be heard.’

I bless you, My children in the world, and I bless you with a Love you cannot know.  I do not stand on the pulpit, I do not stand on a podium before Me.  I say, ‘I stand in a vision to the whole world:  the vision through My Words, the vision through My Lesson, through a child who has submitted, to the sound of her voice, a personal commission.’ I bless you and I say, ‘Through her eyes I send Love, through her heart I send Help, through her mind I send Wisdom, and yes, through her body I send Obedience to God’s Will.’ So be it.”

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