ON JANUARY 4, 1976 AT 2:45 PM


“Enough are not interested in Who I Am, enough are not interested in how I work, but it was this way one day a long time ago.  Those who walked with My Son were few in number at given times, and that is why He had to go to many places upon the earth.  Many times, He was sent from one spot to the next, to gather men, to teach them, to instill in them, for they would have to face a test.  And He would say, ‘You must learn right today, for you must pass It on to others in a very special way.’

There are many times upon the earth that men shout, ‘God, a Miracle.’ I send a Miracle today, and how many men say, ‘Thank You, God, for The Miracle of our day’?

My children, I am truly The Father of all men upon the earth.  I am truly The One that holds all things in place, and I am truly The One Who stands through this child in every way.  I am truly The Giver of life, and I am truly The Beholder of Judgment Time.  I am truly The One you have come to hear, and I am truly The One that holds This Place dear.  I am truly The One that has set forth upon this earth this child like you, for what it is worth.  I am truly The One Who gave to you responsibility to return yourself to Me, to spend with Me All Eternity.  Sometimes in your selfishness, sometimes in your weakness, sometimes in your little knowledge, you forget Me.

I come through a child such as you, who is totally given to Divine Will, responsible only to Me.  I come through her because I love you totally.  I do not say, ‘Let the sins pass by,’ and I do not say, ‘Pass by your sins,’ but I do say, ‘Look to Me, for in the looking, you will find the Beauty of My Way and the hope I have for each of thee.’

A woman, in the world, subject to Me.  Do not forget, at one time I sent forth to the world a Part of Me.  She was a Woman, and She, in Her Walk, in Her Way, worked totally My Way for each of thee.  And through Her came Another Part of Me, a Son.  I did not ask a Daughter to hang upon a tree.  I asked a Son, for I knew it was more in keeping with His Way.

And then there was Another Son, a Part of Me that was The Protector until that time, but I knew that though He protected all the time, He was the Gentleness of Me; He was the Hope, the Love, in a different way than She, and He could not have stood by to see the suffering that had to be, because of mankind, for Me, and I knew, when I took Him from the earth, That Part of Me that was what men call ‘Humility’.

I said to Him, ‘Joseph, that is Your given Name.’ And He smiled at Me and He said: ‘A good Name, My Father, and I know it will remain.  The Part of You, of Which I am, will be seen one day, I know, but I beseech You to let men stand strong before that time, for it seems so long to go.  They must know Who You are, My Father.  They must know how Beautiful You are.  They must feel the Greatness of Your Way, of the Beauty of near and far.’ And I said to Joseph, ‘Ah, yes, My Son, men will be weak all the time, but through the Teachings, one by one, they will grow to love Me in the way I desire them to be.’

So I, your Father, truly speak, no matter what any man says.  Remember, My children, I love you; I created you and I want you to return to Me.  So, Here in the Heavens, I speak down to you, around to you, through a child such as you, and I say, ‘This Place I have set aside to bespeak My Name, to teach all children throughout the world the beauty of life in every way, to enjoy the physical, relax the mental and grow in the Spiritual.  Bear in mind this is a trinity, but bear in mind that as I Am One, I Am All Things.’

And oftentimes, the child through whom I speak says, ‘God, I am so physically weak.’ And I say to her, ‘Ah yes, I made you so to prove My Power, to prove My Strength, to prove My Greatness, for all children to become Saints.’ And as I speak through her, I say to you on this day, ‘I am not a myth, I am not a physical, I am what you would term “The Divine Mystical”.’

So be aware of the Lesson you have learned, and be aware of the path you must take.  The Power I Am is so Great. The child is held by It.  There is not a child present here today, hearing My Words, that does not see the Power of Me through her.

Be aware of false prophets, My little ones; they were in My Son’s time.  Be aware of the Beauty of The Divine, and be aware of the Soul I gave you, not in a capsule, for in a capsule It would be closed in, but I gave It to you with the Beauty of My Will, so you would return It to Me as I demand.

I bless you from the Heavens.  I bless you with a Light and I bless you with a Hope, for I created you through a means and a manner, a balanced way, for you to return to Me your Soul.  So be it.”

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