ON APRIL 17, 1977 AT 4:05 PM


“Do not forget, My children, that the demons loosed in the world are not My Will.  Do not forget, My little ones, that the wickedness around is not My Way, but the desire for all men to reach purity is My Love and My Hope for the whole world.

Men say, ‘The Father would not speak,’ and I, The Father say: ‘Why not?  I made each of thee.  I made the Design.  I created you out of My Love from The Divine.’

And I, your Father, bless This Great Miracle of Hope and Light for I am directing It from Heaven Here, and I hand to all you children in the world a Love that I hold dear.  I hand you the path to Where I Am, I hand you the Hope to What I Am.  I hand you the means, simple of course, but loving, for you see, I am The Father of All Creativity.  I am The Love of the world.  I am The Hope.

I bless you through this child in a manner you cannot see.  I bless you with a Love from The Holy Trinity.  I bless you in a human form through a human means, and I bless you and I say, ‘This Miracle of Light is My Will for you to return your Soul to Me.’  So be it.”

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