ON JUNE 9, 1977 AT 12:20 AM


“My beloved children throughout the world, I speak through a voice, human, in the world.  I speak through the obedience, human obedience.  I am heard through a voice of a woman.  I come to the world to not just be heard but to deliver a Message Word for Word.

Men fear chastisement, men fear pain, men fear rebuttal in every vein.  I am truly The Father of all mankind and I speak with a firmness from The Divine.  My Words seem so simple for Whom I Am; My Love, so Personal from Whom I Am; My Way, truly not understandable to man, but My Direction to man, for the good of man.  I am not complicated, for I Am All Things, and I say to the world: ‘I Am The Heavenly King.  My way to you is through a human means for I have found you do not understand the Purpose of life, the Reason for life, and its Ultimate End.’

Men are intuitive in some ways; limited, of course, for they cannot penetrate My Divine Rays.  Men shout, ‘I have many things I am proud of,’ and I say to the world of men, ‘Pride makes men weak, and what you have is Mine from the moment of conception to the end of your time.’

The world is rapidly falling behind the Beauty I had in what you might term ‘My Mind’.  I had and I have so much to offer but men reject What I Am, men reject what I desire to give, and men accept what they determine is best for them:  the sins of the flesh, personal gain, and oh, My children, popularity is their aim.  Men fear saying ‘No’ to other men for they do not want to be passed up, passed by, for they will feel unneeded, unwanted, and they do not want to cry.  But through This Great Miracle of Light and of Love, of Hope and Perfection, I say to all of mankind: ‘You place the importance on things that are immaterial to the Purpose of life.  You place importance on the immediate gain instead of the Goal of your life.’

A Tremendous, Magnificent, Glorious, Heavenly Miracle has been given to the world to teach and to preach, to serve and to do, to imitate, and to direct all the things you are in the world, for your path Here.  And I say to you, ‘Do not be foolish and pass Them by for They are the Structure, the Force, the Strength, the Permanence, the Beauty and the Light, the Direction and the Hope for all mankind.’

I hold this child deep in ecstasy of Love, for her body has been beaten down, pummeled by the inadequacies of human beings who reject, do not reflect Divine Light, Hope.  There is no place in the world that so much burden is placed, so much Hope passed on, so much Truth reflected upon, as where this child is.  Men do not see her in the Form, in the Manner, in the Means and the Hope she walks in.  Her physical is, in man’s terms, ‘beyond the point of mere tiredness’, for exhaustion of her whole being, every fiber, every cell succumbs to the tiredness she knows.

This child must begin to be seen for how she truly walks upon the earth: an angel of mercy, a child of grace, a hope in the light of disaster, and a spark to ignite a burning zeal in men of all kinds, to promote the desire for purity with the Ultimate Goal of Sanctity for all mankind.  I, The Father, speak through a little one who fights courageously, who pleads imploringly and who leads beautifully.  So be it.”

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