ON AUGUST 17, 1977 AT 10:30 PM


“My beloved children, I am Moses.  So many times I have spoken Pure Truth with strong conviction, in a solid manner.  When I walked the earth I learned to be self-disciplined, to control my emotions, and to seek out, through effort, the totalness of life for the fulfillment of all things.  When I searched one day, not knowing quite what I was searching for, I came upon a place.  You’ve heard about this before, but in the reality of my service, after the initial blow had occurred, I realized the purpose of life for me was to extend to the whole world God’s Word.

I come once again in your time to explain fully and to extend the Pure Love from The Divine.  The solidness of Fact, Truth, the Purity of God’s Love for you, through the Direction of The Commands He gave through me, is your security for All Eternity.  Be blessed, but as you are, know that the privilege of the human way is consistently and constantly for the good of your Soul.

Men speak out.  They shout profanity and they deal with insanity, but few men can capture the beauty of purity.  Men strive for sterility, thinking that in sterility of mind and body, action, motion, words and deeds, they will find peace of mind, consolation, strength, hope, where, in reality, they find only despair, distress, and yes, desertion.  Men, through The Commandments, love for Them, a desire to follow Them, seeing the purpose in Them, find hope, life, Light.  They find the Action and the Beauty of God.  They find creativity, they find destiny, they find Goal.

I speak on a night in your time and I speak with Words you understand, and be assured These Words are from The Divine. The child’s voice, though it appears and sounds strong, is far weaker than the voice of Mine; but this, in its way, proves to the whole world that I am speaking with the Power of The Father, for all of mankind.

Many, many things are yet to be seen, yet to be given, yet to be delivered, yet to be followed, and much progress is yet to be seen by the eyes of other men, for them to better understand the Magnitude of This Great Miracle for the Souls of men.  This time in This Miracle is to give men the opportunity to not only express, but to perform, to deliver and to extend each talent they have so they can further in the world, God’s Plan.  This time is important, for many things will occur from the activity, from the action, from the motion, stimulated through this child, through her eagerness to serve The Father’s Will for man.

Be aware of This Teaching I have just given to you.  It is One Worthwhile, and One in which you must see value, truth and mobility.  The world is to know of this child.  The world is to know of the Greatness that pours forth through her from All of the Heavens.  The Heavens are limitless.  Man tries to limit Heaven.

Through This Great Miracle of The Beloved One, Who walked Holy in every way, I, Moses, say to the world, ‘Beware and be aware of the turbulence all around, of the time in which you live, in which the enemy of The Father strives, strains, and in many ways, tricks men into service to him instead of The Divine King Who stands in love for man and desires only for the Soul to return to Him.’

You are Blessed with The Commands of His Love and with the Unity of The Holy Family, but you are also Blessed by All The Saints Here in the Heavens Who have walked the path of human way, human love, desiring to perfect their service to Him, seeking out the True Way for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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