ON OCTOBER 1, 1977 AT 3:30 PM


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Mother, The Distributor of Grace, The Fulfillment of Life, The Power of Divine Love, The Beauty of Heavenly Space, Grace, Way, Light.

Through this child I have spoken many times.  I hold her deeply now and I say to you, ‘The path she has been chosen for has not been, is not now, will not be a path with no obstacles, even though it is at the Direction of The Holy Trinity.’ At no time in the world has a child ever walked in this Form, this Manner, this Way and this Means, this Direction, this Submission, for the whole of man, since the time We walked the world.

Always, when this child is abused, it is not aggravation We feel but a great disturbance, because the abuse is directed from the evil one and men fall into his trap easily, forgetting how this child stands, momentarily able to deliver, able to extend, with the ability to expound, through the Words delivered by All of the Heavens through her.

I hold her deeply and I show you a Vision through the Eyes of her Soul, prepared to accept such a Vision.”


Our Lady is standing all in gold.  The gold seems to have a pearlized gold in it and the veil doesn’t seem to be as the dress is.  Her Face is small, Her Hands, tiny; but it’s like wax.  It is translucent.

There is wheat under Her but there is color mixed with the wheat.  There are paths in the wheat, like paths leading to Her from all over the world.  There’s a world underneath Her, under the wheat.  And the world is revolving, the wheat is blowing slightly, waving, like that. (Hand gesture.) And the paths come from all over the world to Her Feet.  The gold is a beautiful gold, almost pearlized.  Her Hands are like, controlling the world and the wave of the wheat.

“My beloved children, as the child sees the rotation of the earth, the weave of the wheat, the wave of the wheat, the vineyard growing at My Feet, My dress blowing in the Wind that is causing all things to take form, to take life, she is aware that the action of this is coming through The One for Whom she stands upon the earth:  the Spirit of Justice, Light, Hope and Love, The Beloved Joseph.

The color of My Garment was picked by Me to give beauty, elegance and light, so it would shimmer throughout the world, shining brightly, to light the paths beneath My Feet, for all men to follow the Light to purity.  What the child, in reality, sees in the gold of My Garment, is the Glory of the Heavens, the Glorification of Me; and the pearlized substance is the glistening of the sea.

Oh, My children, cling to what you know is right.  Stand up for what you know is truth and reach for purity.  All of the Heavens have come forth to give you a helping hand, to help you have the strength against all adversities.  Know that the privilege you stand in is for a Special Time in the world, and you are the recipients of this Grace, through Me.  Be blessed, and know you are Loved.  Be in gratitude, be grateful, and respond to this with being, in being example to help other men better understand the Exactness, the Generosity, the Privilege granted by The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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