ON OCTOBER 1, 1977 AT 11:48 PM


“My beloved children, I am Catherine of Siena.  I speak loudly through this child and I extend to you The Father’s Love through the Greatest Miracle in the world since The Holy Family came from Above to the earth, to extend to all men the Example of how the physical should begin, should exist and should end.

The ability to make sacrifice, to give sacrifice, to be a sacrifice, is one alone.  Sacrifice has, in many ways, many areas for men to look to, in, for sacrifice can be an act of charity at a time when the man, the woman, the child, do not feel they want to succumb to it.  Sacrifice can be doing without a special thing.  Sacrifice can be extending love at a moment, interest, understanding, a hope and desire.  Sacrifice is a beautiful way to live.

Now let us talk about charity.  Charity comes in many forms.  Charity is as much diversified as the drugs in your pharmacy.  Charity has many avenues to it, many, many prescriptions in it, and many, many degrees for its use.  Charities can sometimes be a device used to give men and women the chance to help in a situation, a place where good and only good will come.

Men have forgotten charity.  They have not been handed this word enough.  Men speak of charity in a very, very mild way, but true charity in God’s Way is to sacrifice monetarily, physically, mentally, in some area, for good to come about in a special way.

Let us now talk about purity.  Purity has been cast aside and replaced with promiscuity, immorality and selfishness.  Selflessness has no place.  You truly live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Whether you believe this or not, it is true.  Whether you feel that you are entangled in it, involved in it or not, you are; for in the media of your day, in the people you associate with, all have a tinge of this weakness, this vulnerability to what is surrounding the world, the people in your time.

The Sacrifice of the Holy Mass in the Temple of God’s Way, in the direction where Christianity was to be, this Sacrifice will be forever.  Men have diminished It in every way.  In the sharing of this Sacrifice of Love, in this manner of prayer, devotion, Faith is becoming almost irrational in view, humanistic in value, and diminished to almost a nothingness in many ways.  I shout through this child for it is the only way her voice could extend What I say.

Let us talk now about the acceptance men have of the systems in your day; first of all, false loyalty to a system the men have set up, set aside as the rules for your Faith to be governed by.  Be aware that many of these men are leading you on a path, in a way that is not correct.  It has loopholes in it.  It has portions of it that are ragged in many ways, and falseness can enter easily into the instability that this is now in your day.

Men are treating the vocations of life in a light way.  Most men are seeking power so they can have authority without the responsibility.  I know you have heard this before because it has been spoken in many ways, casually, through this child I now use in the Funnel of Divine Hope and Love, for the whole world.

Men must begin to learn they have a responsibility to the moral values The Father set down by The Commands He gave through a man one day:  moral standards, sound moral views, and the ability to carry out all these things in a Faith, with a trust and the determination that will govern the Soul, to come Here to the Heavens Where I am, one day.”

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