ON OCTOBER 28, 1977


“True Mysticism is not the art of doing things, but it is a commitment, an acceptance of obedience to Divine Direction.  True Mysticism is not imaginative at all.  It is more real than you.  True Mysticism is never for the person through whom It comes.  It is always for the good of Souls, always for the good of mankind, not the child through whom It comes.

A frivolous attitude with a True Mystic is almost as if nothing happens.  There is no frivolity in mysticism, in True Mysticism.  There is humor, only for the sake of the world, and God stands there and He puts you back and forth.  That is why it is easy to face people when they have been wrong.  First of all, True Mysticism is not an art.  It is totally a Blessing for all mankind.

True Mysticism is a hurt for God, because men, not understanding It, abuse It.  True Mysticism is standing very alone, even when you are married and have children.  True Mysticism is an aloneness in the Direction that God intends for the world to know.  It is not a catechism of answers, questions.

True Mysticism has reasoning behind It, purpose, goal.  It is sensitive to man’s actions, reactions.  It is a Purpose in life, with a Purpose for all lives.  It is to give men strength in need.

True Mysticism has no human talent in It at all.  God uses the human means.  He uses the Gifts to express Him, His Will.  He makes you do things that you are too shy to do sometime; to stand before you here.

What if you were a woman and had to stand all the time and say: ‘I am God The Father,’ ‘I am your Heavenly Mother,’ ‘I am The Son of The Father,’ ‘I am The Light of the world, I am The Hope for mankind, I am The Reality of living,’ ‘I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori,’ ‘I am Saint Mary Magdalene,’ ‘I am Saint Peter,’ ‘I am Saint Dominic,’ ‘I am Saint Andrew,’ ‘I am Saint Mark,’ ‘I am Saint Martha’?

Ask yourselves on this night, how would you feel if God made you say you were One Here in the Heavens?  Would you feel the Truth of it, the Magnitude of it?  Would you feel the Reality of it, if you stood in lies?  Would you feel the responsibility of it?  Would you feel the authority?  Would you recognize that each one in the room had a hurt, a fear, a need, and that only help, through you, could come from The Father; not wholesale healing, curing, advertising?  Sometimes the greatest hurts come when men do not recognize that Great Gift from God, a child committed totally to obedience.

Laughter is for the good when tension is there.  My beloved children, I am Saint John Vianney.  And many times there is great sadness Here in the Heavens when this child must face the reality of being with you or anyone in the world.  It is true This Great Miracle was not handed for the good of this child, but for the Purpose of Souls, to teach men purity.

Men must begin to understand the justice they must follow, the sincerity they must stand in, the dignity of self-control, self-discipline, and men must look for integrity.  Men must not yield to temptation.  Men must have sound moral values, standards, goals; morality versus immorality, in all days in the world.

There are Many Saints Here whom this child speaks for, under all circumstances.  Oftentimes, men do not understand the sensitivity that this child’s body bears for the good of man.  I have allowed you to see strain on her whole being.

I, Saint John Vianney, bless each man here, for your effort, for your intention, for the hope that you must have.  It will take the child a few moments for the body to restore itself.  I bless you and I say, ‘I openly announce that this Society that bears My Name1 also bears the distinction of how men must reach to become Saints, through purity.’  So be it.”

1 Refers to The Society Of Saint John Vianney.

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