ON DECEMBER 12, 1977 AT 3:30 PM


“There are so many things to be said in the world now.  Men celebrate tradition but they also celebrate the Birth of a Church, a Temple; a plan, a means, a way to walk, to seek, to find the Truth from The Divine for all mankind.

Faith is never an obstacle.  Faith is hope, Faith is need, love.  Faith is the funnel through which men seek the Power of Divine Love.  Faith is not the controller of men but an advantage for man to deliver to God, the Soul.

Men put much emphasis on a place.  Through time, through the language barrier, through terminology, men have depicted a cave, a stable, a star:  Faith, through prophecy determined by the wisdom men knew.

As men, through time, handed to other men the cherished favored Gift from The Divine, in a token manner, in the form of matter called ‘bread and wine’, men grew to love what It stood for, the Purpose of It, the need for It, the Distinctness It held for the good of mankind.  Men are living in times with so much desecration, permissiveness, idolatry, heresies, hypocrisies, indecencies, promiscuities, that men do not believe in The Divine.

This puppet, through whom I speak, is a channel, a fortress of Light.  Through her, I deliver to the world Hope, Justice, Perfection, Purity, Innocence, Steadfastness, Obedience to The Divine.  I burn her eyes with the Power I Am.  I burn her body with the labor for all men.  Men abuse This Great Miracle of Mine.  Men confuse This Great Miracle with human awareness, opinion, need, and they forget that one child, as One Church, One Temple, is all The Father needs to transfer His Love, His Wisdom, His Light.

The backs of this child’s eyes burn with the fire I send to the world and the pain is more than men know.  Ask yourselves, why would such pain be tolerated if it were not for the good of men’s Souls?  As this child speaks to you, it is natural to your ears, and Each Word, Divinely guided through the burning of the eyes, through the channels in the mind and in the ears.  Men have forgotten the goal of Holiness, the need for purity, the benefits of service.  Men relate all things to time.

I ask you now, through this puppet of The Divine, ‘What security would you have if the Strength from The Father was taken, your Faith abolished, and your Soul eliminated?’ I, Saint Joseph, say, ‘You would have nothing to live for, live with, act in, cherish, or believe in.’

One time, a long time ago, I told this child through whom I speak, My Power could pin her to the wall.  The physical weakness you are aware of, shows the Power of the Heavens this child stands in, for.  No human power, strength, is necessary for The Father’s Will to be done upon the earth. This puppet bears the responsibilities of all the oceans in the world, all the deserts, all the soils, and the stabilizing weight necessary to accomplish This Great Miracle in the world.  Soon her lightness will diminish more.  It has been slowly decreased, but the reason for this was man’s inability to accept how she stands, in, for, The Holy Trinity: a woman in the world but not of it.  Many times These Words have been spoken.  Men forget These Words to please themselves.

This City of The Father’s that bears My Name when I was in the world, is the Greatest Gift to mankind since The Birth.  We have come to the world through This Great Miracle and We hand to the world Faith, Justice, Morality, Purity, Visions of All of Heaven; the way for the Goal, the path to the Goal and the reason for the Goal.  At no time is this child without Us, and I add:  The Power I Am is the Power of The Father; the Light I Am, the Light of The Father; the Wisdom I Am, the Wisdom of The Father; the Divinity I stand in, The Father’s Love, Ultimate in so many ways.

Be blessed, be alert, reach for purity.  Be sure of every step you take, every word you say, and know that you are accountable for the Gift of life upon the earth.  Do not resign yourself to acceptance that is unworthy for your Soul, but reach for the dignity, the light and the hope, the Goal intended, Eternally.

I will withdraw slowly from where you are, for the pain this child would endure if I did not, would be beyond man’s understanding.  I have drawn her into the funnel and I release her slowly.  And I remind you, I am always with her, even when she must appear alone.  The Direction, the Words, are always Ours for the good of every man’s Soul.  So be it.”

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