ON JANUARY 19, 1978 AT 6:40 PM


“My beloved children, when I was pronounced ‘a Saint’, many men differed with the announcement, with the pronouncement.  Men sometimes do not agree with what is acceptable in the Holy See, but I, Saint Martin de Porres, smile upon this and I say, ‘The Father’s Will must be acceptable to each man in the world.’ Many times children try to inject, inflect, and use the perception of their own opinion, rather than to accept the announcements of the Holy See.

When I was upon the earth I did not realize that the Beauty of Sainthood would be for me.  I felt an eagerness.  I felt a Faith.  I felt a love no one could see.  I felt a littleness.  I felt an action inside of me.  I felt too obscure for The Father of all mankind to recognize me.  I felt, not indifference, but I felt that my way could never be recognized by men who walked with High Hats.  I felt that these men would never understand my way in service to The Father, for all time.  I felt that men would ridicule me.  I felt that men would feel me unworthy to be pronounced amongst the men who walked diligently, profoundly, acceptable because of their great works.

I, Saint Martin de Porres, smile today and I say, ‘I come to the world to give an expression of Love to all of mankind, for you see, never feel that your littleness, your path, your way, your vocation, your heritage, restricts you from walking to The Father’s Throne in a special way.’ Work, My children, diligently.  Work, without exception, to any request you are asked.  Work in a manner of simplicity and love, and know, that every breath you take, every action you make, every sound you give, will be heard and seen Above.

I, Saint Martin de Porres, say: ‘You are gifted children in many ways.  You are allowed to walk in the shadow of Truth, in the reality of Light, in the profoundness of Wisdom, and in the Faith of The Father’s Will.’ You must remember that all men must come Here to pass before The Father’s Eyes for a moment or more, and in this passing will be a sadness to some, a hope to others, and a horror to many.

The time in which you live is impure.  Men relish the acts of promiscuity.  Men perpetuate the actions that are against the Will of The Father.  Men kill where there is no need to kill.  Men cause a lack of hope because they do not feel the Gift of Faith.  Men permeate the world with indecencies, desecrations, immoralities.  Men forget the beauty of self-control.

I come to the world through a child Blessed by a Great Miracle, performing in a form of commitment for the whole world, and I say, ‘This little broom I use today has been given to the world to sweep the world of inadequacies, has been given to the world to sweep clean areas where the webs of untruths have been planted by impurities.’ I come to the world and use the puppet of The Father to express to all mankind the beauty of purity, the love that there is in hope, and the wisdom there is in Faith, that all men must recognize in this day.

Be blessed by My Words.  Accept Them for the amount of Love They have been given today, and know that the sacrifice I speak through is a sacrifice beyond what men know.  And through this sacrifice of a puppet in your time, I say, ‘If you could but see the Strings that hold the puppet in place, They are of as spun gold.’ So do not forget that as this child speaks, as this child moves, the Strings of The Father unfold, and as the Rays of Light pronounce through her the Words of Wisdom, and the sound of Sounds comes through her, remember this:  the combination of things is the Greatest Gift to the world The Father desires to bring.  The sound of Words teach, the Light of Wisdom extends, and the Gold Strings cause each portion of this child to bend.

I bless the world with The Father’s Will and I say, ‘A puppet is in the midst of all of mankind: a puppet of Sound, Light, Action; a puppet committed to Divine Will.’ This child is beyond man’s comprehension, beyond man’s limits of service to Divine Will.  So, as you are Blessed, I say this on this day, this night in your time, ‘You have been gifted by Divine Light, by Divine Will.’  So be it.”

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