ON JANUARY 29, 1978 AT 8:50 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Agatha.  You have not heard Me speak often, but I have spoken at times when My Name was not announced, and in times of great trouble.

This child with whom you sit, speak, is a child responsible for Great Acts pertaining to the Foundation for the Formation of fulfillment, for the Direction of men to understand the fundamental, unbiased, basic Truths dependent upon The Father’s Will, The Father’s Direction, for the good of each man’s Soul.

A profound Statement is oftentimes made, sounding simple, perhaps even intimate, oftentimes familiar, and many times with an unconcerned look, a mild manner, and yet sincerity beyond man’s scope.

All of the Heavens speak through this child, a funnel of Truth for the advantage of men to take hold of, latch onto, and follow for the good of their Soul.  Many men contradict, intimidate and peruse areas to find, to hope to find error.  They cannot find error.  No man in the world is as knowledgeable, as wise as the Heavenly Spirits of Light, Hope, Wisdom, Truths, Logic.  Men try to sometimes outguess Heaven’s Direction.

This child is more easily victimized than men care to admit.  Men condone other men’s thinking.  They forget to analyze the thinking when it pertains to this child’s Way, and the Truth pertaining to her in many things.  Propaganda victimizes this child. Provocative interests can scandalize this child.  Personal interpretations can cause disaster to this child’s Way of life.  The days to come she has been warned about.  She shouts to All of Us to stop them before they start, for she knows that she is not understood.

Men and women upon the earth use this child.  It is incredulous how they victimize her.  So many times We Here in the Heavens draw her attention to Us, and she says to Us: ‘They don’t listen.  They are so intent on their opinion that I am left alone, I am hurt, and I stand in a volcanic eruption.’ And We have to say it is true.  Men volunteer effort, kindnesses, gentlenesses to others, but few understand volunteering any strength to this child.

I shake My head, I nod My head, and I feel sorrow for this child who is so alone in the world, for the tears shed are many, the sorrow much, the hurt more than any man could understand; and the concern for all of mankind, beyond man’s ability to comprehend.

Men abuse this child selfishly, voluntarily, needlessly.  Men have been told, men have been approached in manner of many ways, but they choose to ignore what their actions do to this child’s Way.

As I speak, her scan of something in the room shouts to her, ‘It is not measured correctly.’ She will tell you what it is, shortly.  We smile at this child who walks in the world, thinks like a Saint, works like a warrior, and scrutinizes each thing because of what has been instilled in her:  the measurement of everything.  I, Saint Agatha, smile and say: ‘Such training is from birth.  It did not happen through the hours of darkness and light passed through once.’

I shout to the world through this child: ‘Be aware of the Greatness that walks in your path to give you the Direction of Light, Hope, to keep everything intact.  Be assured that as you listen you must respond, and in your response, you must be aware that such a Gift bears responsibility for the Heavenly end.’  So be it.”

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