ON FEBRUARY 11, 1978 AT 1:18 PM


“My beloved children, I created you in an order of life, light.  I gave you portions of yourself so that you would be able to be a part of the world.  I created your intellect, your nature, your personality, your will.  These things keep the function of your body in a direction of hope, for to be in the world as man, you had to have all the things within yourself to cope with other men and the additional things that I would create to encircle you, to involve you, so you would understand that to be man, you would have a program in which you would partake in, act upon and learn from, the Goal by which, through which your will would show you how to return to Me for All Eternity.

I desired you born to the world so you could attain a Degree of Sanctity, to share What I Am for the whole of Eternity.  As I speak, I speak through a child, for in the Words and the Sounds you understand all things I have surrounded you with are aids for you to come Here Where I am.  Never forget, your intellect and your will walk hand in hand.

Read often the Words I have spoken through This Great Miracle of Mine, for as I have handed to the world a Portion of Me as Man, I want you to know, the Creativity of Me you are surrounded with, you are part of; the Love I have, for your Soul was another Creation of Mine.

An aid to this, The Son of Me, Who walked upon the earth to teach and to have the Teaching to remain, to instruct for all time the Beauty of returning to Me through the designated way.

It was I Who created, through the Beauty of Me, The Heavenly Queen, the Birth for the return of your Soul to Me.  I am All Things, My children.

I sent to the world the Protection of Me, the Justice of Me, the Light of Me, the Hope of Me, the Creativity of Me, the Love of Me, the Mercy of Me, in the Form of Three.

Today I come once again to the world to use one of My Creations to reach you, to warn you, to inform you, to alert you, to teach you, to direct you, to instill in you, to extend to you once again My Love, My Mercy, My Justice, for you see, the world on which, in which you live in the human form, is being desecrated by My enemy.

There is a war, My children; this terminology you will understand:  a war against Me.  It is not My Desire nor My Will, so I have sent to the world My Protection again for each of you.  Though I protect you I respect you, and through This Great Miracle I alert you to use your will that I gave you, to stand up to, stand up against the evil that surrounds you.

Men do not realize what sadness there is to Me when I see children forfeiting My Kingdom with irresponsibility.  I have instilled in this child through whom I speak, the necessity of responsibility, the force that Truth is, and the reasonability that a strong Spiritual stand, with the Facts that I perpetuated for the good of man, must be revealed to the world for men to respond correctly.

Truth must stand out, be outstanding, and be the guidelines for man to evaluate all things, act upon in all things, and accept as the criteria for all things.  Truth is the standard of life, a valuable portion of life.  If I said to you, ‘Sand is not sand, water is not water, soil is not soil, you are not a person, you are not alive, you are not real,’ I would be destroying what you know truth to be.  So I say to you, ‘I am your God, I am your Father, I am The Creator of All Things.’ I created all things so that you would be able to understand the Purpose and the Reason to work in the world, upon the world, as man, so that you could return to Me the Soul that I want to spend All Eternity with Me.

My Wrath, men discuss.  They diminish its possibility, probability, and I say: ‘Those who do this must be reminded they cannot create anything.  Best these children of Mine learn to respect Whom I Am, What I Am, the Power I Am, the Reality I Am, and how I might work to deliver them unto Me.’

I use a voice in the world, dedicated to service.  But I use this voice to reach all men in the world, for the Souls I desire to return to Me.  There is no reason you cannot dedicate your whole life to Me.  There is nothing more worthy than I Am, and there is no better reason than to return your Soul to Me.

Do not take chances.  Do not gamble on frivolities, insecurities, indifferences, promiscuities.  I shout to the whole world: ‘Do not gamble on tomorrow.  You may not have it to lean upon.  You may not be able to share it with others, to gather strength.  You may not grow in My Way tomorrow.  You may weaken and follow another way.’

I shout to the whole world through a small voice: ‘Do not depend upon tomorrow.  I want your dedication to be now; for, do not forget, in the language you speak, this three letter word says this:  Act now, and you can be sure if it is right you have won the Graces that I will count for your service to Me.’

The letters in your language say something else.  Remember this.  As you win, when you have won, think of this:  the ‘W’ is for the wisdom you used, the ‘O’ is for the oneness you know covers all things, and the ‘N’ is for the never to follow the other way, for it will lead you to him, the enemy I have cast into Hell for the very things he tries, he uses to win you from Me.

I bless you with a Father’s Love and I say, ‘Be aware, never compare; and know, the will I gave you is what I will use in many moments from now on.’  So be it.”

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