ON MARCH 1, 1978 AT 10:50 PM


“Men desire recognition and it is disappointing to them when they cannot uphold what the recognition truly involves.

Let Us talk now about the recognition due to God.  First, He is The Father, The Creator, and The Giver of Life in every way, means, manner and mode.

Let Us now look at the recognition of a parent from a child and the child from the parent, each recognizing each other in a specific role.

Now let Us recognize the beauty of the Gift of Faith, for in this Gift there is great advantage, great responsibility, great purpose.  Also, in this Great Gift of Faith men must learn to know that Faith has many dimensions to it, many facets of it, many areas for it to be accomplished in.

Some men have faith in themselves, and in this faith they begin to feel security.  Other men have faith in the talents they have been given, and in these talents, when they express these talents in the proper way, feel a certain amount of satisfaction, knowing that they have something to give to others that makes others, not just appreciate the talent, but to look for the talent in them.

Another Gift of Faith is the Faith that man has in a Divine Being.  This Faith, of course, has many responsibilities to it, for to have this Faith, men must understand that to be subject to a Higher Divine Being means a great responsibility of much worth, and this must have direction in it, commands through it, and goals from it.  This Gift of Faith is accented in many ways upon the earth, by men accepting a given way of prayer, a given route of Spiritual devotions.

The beloved Church that you so proudly hail as the One The Son of The Father created, holds in it, not just the secrets of Divinity, but the beauty and the way for all children to follow, so that they will one day enter into Heaven with The Father for All Eternity.  The Faith that men hold, bearing this understanding, this hope, this Faith in what is, what will be, is a Faith of Great Love from The Father.

Let Us take now, recognition in this way.  Some men say: ‘I cannot recognize a Higher Being.  I cannot recognize Faith as a Gift and I cannot recognize such a way of life.’ Yet, these men breathe the air, God-given, every moment of the day.  These men have talents.  They use them, they profit by them.  They recognize everything around them.  They recognize a piece of wood.  They recognize a piece of steel.  They recognize a piece of wool.  They recognize a portion of food.  They recognize a piece of cloth.  But, when it comes to recognizing the unseen Portion of themselves, they desire to put It aside or put It into a category unrecognizable, not understandable to them, so they do not have to account to anyone for This.

Let Me also say that The Heart of God beats every moment of every day for all children born to the world; also, for the recognition necessary between the Two:  between the child and The Father, The Father and the child; a Parental recognition, but also a recognition of great responsibility.

I, Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, say to the whole world through This Great Miracle: ‘Be in recognition of how The Father would give to the world a Great Miracle, a Miracle of Communication, a Miracle of Direction, a Miracle of Great Worth, a Miracle that hands to all of mankind, Learning, Teaching, True Subject Matter, Direction, renewal of thinking where the beloved Commandments came from and where They will draw children to.’

Also, I desire to add one Important Thing:  This Great Miracle upon the earth, that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, says to the whole world, ‘Purity and justice must be in each man’s mind, each man’s direction and each man’s will.’  So be it.”

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