ON AUGUST 20, 1978 AT 8:33 PM


“My beloved children, I am Matthew, Saint Matthew.  So many times children request to hear from One of Us.  So many times children ask for favors from One of Us, but in reality, they choose a Connection, an Intercessor, a way to get what they want to fulfill a desire, a need, a purpose they decide upon.  Children constantly ask for monetary means.  Few children ask for their Soul to be seen by The Father, accepted by The Father, and few children truly understand the search they should have for purity.

As I speak through this child upon the earth, I say to you directly: ‘There is no Miracle in the world as This Miracle is.  There is no communication as perfectly as This One; except, of course, The Sacrifice of Love, Light, Hope and Truth, in the Communion with man of The Body and Blood of Him.’

Children must begin to realize, children must begin to understand, children must begin to dwell more upon the actual fact of why they are man.  Children must begin to recognize the value of Truth, the sincerity of Faith, the dignity of Faith, the meaning for Faith and the reasonability of Faith.

Personalities throughout the world are distinguishable through their manner, their heritage, their environment, their ways, their vocations and their appearances.

So many times in the world, children request of The Father someone to be sent whom they could recognize as a True Descendent of His, and someone who is totally in His Grace, working in His Way for the good of man.  Men decide how it should be.  Men decide what they would accept, how they could accept it, in what manner they would accept it, and what would be best for them, from The Holy Trinity.  When The Heavenly Father, The King of All Creation says, ‘I will choose the Manner, I will choose the Means, I will choose the Way, and I have given you the Total Direction,’ men say, ‘But that is not how I want it to be.’

Such a sadness Here in the Heavens when children react so blindly.  The blindness they react in is not a blindness of love, a blindness of Faith, a blindness of truth, a blindness of reality; but, a blindness determined totally by their own inadequacies, insufficiencies, lack of self-discipline, lack of self-control, and also, their egoism and their own pride within themselves, in the determination of how The Father should act for them upon the earth.

So many times The Father says, ‘Send This Message to the children,’ and when the Message is sent by One in the Heavens, those who receive the Message refuse to believe, refuse to accept and refuse to change their ways.  Now I, Saint Matthew, come upon the earth through a voice you recognize, through a human being you know, and through a manner that you can understand, easily acceptable if you will but allow it to be so.

The Greatest Miracle in the world is when The Father cares so much that He hands to people His Love, and He says this: ‘Follow this pattern, follow this thinking, follow this way, and know that every Direction is for the good of your Soul.’ Then The Father says through this child, ‘Reach for purity, remember The Commands I gave a long time ago.’

The children say, ‘Ah, that sounds good,’ and then they walk away from it, for you see, it is not within their way of thinking and they feel that to follow These Commands, as These Commands were given a long time ago, will disturb their life, will disturb their way of thinking, will disturb their manner, their mode of dress, their way of responsibility; it will disturb what they are in the habit of being a part of, what they are in the habit of doing, and what they are in the habit of accepting for themselves.

So many times upon the earth, since This Miracle was given to the world, men have become enthusiastic, interested and even acceptable, to a point, in What Heaven has delivered through this child in Words; but then, when things began to turn another way and they did not find the excitement or the newness stimulating, they turned away, they turned another direction.  Then The Father says, ‘Another child, not destroyed by My Will, but not accepting My Will because it is not in their thinking.’ So many times The Father is disappointed in the children because He hands to them Great Gifts of Love, Great Gifts of Energy, Great Gifts of Hope, Great Gifts of Need, but the children reject these things.

Upon this Mound of Soil a child has been placed, a child understanding that Each Word spoken through her is of Divine Grace.  Each accounting that must be accounted for leaves no room for one moment of action, thinking, that is not The Father’s Will.

I bless you through this child and I say: ‘The child collapsed on the world one day not too long ago.  Through the prayers of this child at that moment she was brought to her feet and allowed to go on for a few more days.’ I, Saint Matthew, tell you this, for you must know abuse in this manner is more difficult on the physical than men know.  So be it.”

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