ON SEPTEMBER 26, 1978 AT 7:08 PM


“I have spoken many times.  I have reiterated many times, My Request, My Demands, My Love, My Desires, My Hopes, for mankind.  I come on this day to say once again, ‘I want the whole world to seek out This Great Miracle of Mine, to feel the impact of It, the Intention It has and the Direction It gives to man.’

I speak through a voice, human, as you know it to be.  I speak through the accent of Light and I say, ‘Be aware of all things I have given to the world for My Love to be.’ I shout, ‘I love you.’ Men reject this Love.  I shout, ‘Give Me My Way, for it is for the good of you.’ Men reject this plea.

This child is facing obstacles beyond man’s comprehension, beyond man’s potential of understanding, but I, The Father, shout from the Heavens and I scream with Love, for men to see.  I shout, ‘Look for dignity, look for integrity, look for stability in My Name.’

I gave Commands to a man a long time ago.  I shouted to him, ‘Let These Commands be known.’ You are the recipient of These Commands I gave a long time ago.

I am your Father.  I am your Creator.  I am your King.  I am The Light of the whole world; whether it be a physical light, a Light of Hope, I Am It, I Am All Things.  Men say, ‘God is All Things.’ They shout it, but many men shout these words for their own intentions, their own gain.

Now, I say on this day: ‘Be aware that I, your Father, speak, and there is no one to compare with My Words, My Intention, My Love, My Hope, My Need.  You are the one who must react and act according to what I Decree.  You are the receivers of hope for Me.’

I speak through a child and I say, ‘On the top of a Hill, small in every way, but through this child I give to the world My Love, My Intention, My Hope, My Need, My Life.’ I gave to the world, for men to see, the life of a Man, in Sacrifice for Me.

I am your God.  I am your Father.  I am your Creator.  I stand Here in the Heavens and I have given you a Miracle of Hope for men to feel.  Men say: ‘Show me a sign, God, and I will believe.  Give me the facts, God, and I will do as You say.  Give me the way and I will follow it every day.’ And I say to men, ‘I have given it to you through The Rules, The Commands, a long time ago, through a man such as you.’

Men use interpretation, translation as an excuse to deviate from My Will.  Men shout, ‘I did not hear it according to His Will.’ Men do not bend to My Way.  Men do not bend to My Will, according to the manner in which I proclaim it must be.  I shout through a child.  I shout through a weak child and I say to all men: ‘You must bend to My Will.  You must see My Way.  You must look for the path of purity.’

There are so many things for Me to say, of Instruction in every way.  I have given to the child many, many, many, many, many, many Words, millions of Words, and in These Words I have given the Way; and in this Manner I have delivered to the world My Pronunciation of Fact, Truth, but men say: ‘How can it be?  Why her, why not me?’

I say to the world: ‘Why My Son, why not you?  Why the Beauty and Mercy of Me?  Why could I not depend upon you, a human being, to be the Sacrifice totally for Me?  Why could I not say a Woman in the world could walk as the Tabernacle of Light, Life, Hope?  Why could I not say that a human being could be The Protector for This Great Church?’ ‘Why, why?’ I say to you.  I, your Father speak: ‘Why?  Why did I have to send a Portion of Me?’ Men deny this.  Men say, ‘Why did it have to be?’

Men do not want to understand My Generosity.  I use a physical being, as I have oftentimes used a physical being.  I use a human voice, as I have often used a human voice.  I use a human being to display to the world, to extend to the world, to give to the world Who I Am, What I Am, My Desire for every human being.  I hand to the world, through a voice, through a hand, through a body, through a means that I created, that men will seek, men will see Whom I Am.

Men use many excuses to not understand.  Men display many things for they do not want to accept Whom I Am.  It is easier to bypass Me, to pass by Me, than to accept My Direction, My Will, for the good of man.  It is easier to make an excuse so they do not have to tolerate My Will.

Excuses I hear often.  All the time, every day of human life, I hear excuses from mankind.  Excuses are an abomination to Me.  How can I say through a human voice, through a small body I have created, that I am The Father, I am the Means, I am the Manner, I am the Way, I am the Path, I Am All Things?

I cannot tell you the sadness Here in the Heavens, and I use a human voice to discuss it with you, to teach it to you, for you could not stand My Power, you could not tolerate My Way, My Power, My Means.  No.  You would have to turn away from It, for I Am All Things.

I am tired of excuses from man.  I am tired of man using time against Me, time consumed in other things.  So many times I beseech man to accept small favors for Me, but men, determined to execute their time in their own manner and way, bypass Me.  If I were not The God I Am, if I were not The Giver of Life, if I were not The Dispenser of all things, I would close out men and I would say, ‘You are not sufficient in any way, you are not what I want you to be, and I have the Power to cast you out.’ My Wrath is held back by The Queen.

Men say, ‘Why her?’ They refer to this child through whom I speak.  And I, your Father say, ‘Because I knew she would be obedient to her dying day.’ Let no man criticize this child’s actions for there is no action that I am not Part of.  Let no man criticize this means for I Am In Control.

I bless you, My children, from Heaven, and I say, ‘I want all things to be understood, that through This Great Miracle of Light, Life, Hope, Direction, I say to each child in the world: “There is a path; I have given it.  There is a Way; I have shown it.  There is a Means; I have instituted it.  Let it be seen as it was instituted in the manner I Decreed.”’  So be it.”

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