ON NOVEMBER 2, 1978 AT 1:00 PM


“So much has transpired from Heaven, through This Great Miracle, that men have not followed nor have they seen the Magnitude of It that was for the good of their Souls.

I will speak now in the manner in which this child understands Me.

Men are abusing the Church that The Father instituted for the good of mankind.  Men are desecrating The Great Gift from The Divine.  Men are putting themselves in the place of The Father.

Men are causing slander to the young.  Men are causing scandal to the young.  Men are creating an atmosphere, not proper, not sound, not truthful, not good, but an atmosphere that contains only the selfishness, the hate, the dislike, the jealousy, the horror of the evil one’s way.  Children are being exposed to, involved in so many areas where their lives are on fire.

I am Saint Martin de Porres.  I speak in Truth and I speak with Direction.  I speak with a Light of Heavenly Means, Power, Manner, Way, Purpose, Degree, and yes, to instill in the proper way, the full meaning of and for the Purpose of human life.

A delicate subject is always difficult for man to handle, but a delicacy in food is somehow easy for man to handle.  Why would food be so easy and a proper subject difficult?  It has much to do with man’s interpretation, man’s theory, man’s analyzing, man’s will.

I hold her eyes in a degree of closing out the world.  The Light of Hope shines through this child in a form some men accept, some men close their eyes to, and some men try to ignore.

Men shout, ‘Never take the light from the world, God.’ I, Saint Martin de Porres, say: ‘The light of day has hope in it.  The light of night takes the fear out of night.  The Light of the Heavens gives strength:  mental, physical, Spiritual.  The Light of the Heavens is a Gift, embellished with Love, and contains a remarkable amount of strength.’ Men could not live without light.  Men would find total sadness.

I will remain with this child for hours on this day, noticeable to her in every way, for the Light transmitted through her bears with It the responsibility to see things through, without personal gain, without personal acclaim, without personal claim.  So be it.”

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