ON NOVEMBER 15, 1978


“So many people throughout the world have diminished the Priesthood in so many ways.  They have diluted the purpose of the Priesthood and the necessities that the Priesthood bears.

Men are deluding themselves where Faith is concerned, purity involved, and God’s Will should be at the bow and the stern.  Men say, ‘I must look forward to tomorrow,’ and in so many ways the Light of Heaven has brought to the world Words that say: ‘Look for the Light today in the Teaching for tomorrow.’

My daughters, I stood upon the earth as a Man of God, with the Light of His Truth in all my words, with the Faith to uphold what I knew was good, and with the desire to extend to every man and woman and child His Love, through my words.

I am Saint John Marie Vianney, and I say through this child, ‘I come to the world with the Light of, not new words, but the Light of His Words for all mankind.’ Why so few Blessed by These Precious Words?  Why so few devoted to This Precious Direction, through Words understandable in your tongue, in your way, in your life?  It is The Father’s Will, for men to see the value of Pure Light.

You have been Blessed often by Many Here in the Heavens.  And men shout: ‘Why her?  Why not me?’ Men shout: ‘Can it be true?  I don’t want to be fooled, God; I believe in The Holy Trinity.’ Men shout: ‘I am learning.  How can it be?’ Men shout to Heaven in every way, ‘Why a woman like her, why not me?’ And I, Saint John Marie Vianney say, ‘Why not?’ Even in the time in which He lived upon the earth, men said, ‘Why Him, with so much Knowledge, so much Wisdom, so much Truth, so much to have others look to?’

The Light of the Heavens shines through This Great Miracle.  Men must begin to see It, to feel It, to recognize It, to express It, to develop their Faith in It, and to use It as The Father intends It to be.

This child, through whom I speak, is the instrument of Life, Light, Hope, for men to seek the privilege of Truth, the beauty of Wisdom, the Light to Here, the Light of purity.  Purity has color, light, motion, incentive, intention, creativity, mobility, flexibility.  Purity is love in a degree men cannot understand, but men must reach for, for All Eternity.

Be blessed, My children, by a Light of Hope.  Be blessed by the beauty of Truth.  Console yourself in the privilege of Faith, and deny yourself what you must deny yourself — a sinful state.  Know that the Light of Heaven is the Light of Divine Hope, Divine Love, Divine Purity.  Be aware of The Rules and The Commands that will make you think, make you use your will in the direction intended by The Father, for the good of your Soul.

In the time I stood upon the earth I gave many Blessings, seen and unseen; requested, not requested; in times of need, in times of happiness, in times of sorrow, in times of perplexities, in times when things were going so well that men did not feel the need of such a Blessing.  I would smile, use my hand and say the words that I knew would gain the attention of The Father, for do not forget, I walked in the path He decreed it to be:  a path of teaching, a path of Sacraments, a path of leadership, a path of self-denial, a path to give hope through example.

I, Saint John Marie Vianney, say: ‘You have been Blessed as you listened to My Words through a child who walks solely for The Holy Trinity.  I want you to know that because This Great Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is what It is, was given to the world by The Father’s Love, to announce Who This Beloved One truly stands as, All of the Heavens have come forward to teach, to extend, to give strength, to give hope, so children of all races, all colors, all creeds, will see the Light God intends, for them to come Here for All Eternity.’  So be it.”

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