ON DECEMBER 23, 1978 AT 6:42 PM


“Sanctuary, to most men, would be protection against the things they are afraid of, the things they feel that are harmful to them.  Sanctuary is important to man.  Sanctuary reminds men there is a place to go to, to find refuge in, from many, many things.

My sons, there is more sanctuary in purity than in any other way of life.  There is more sanctuary in service to Me than in any form of life.  There is more sanctuary in loving Me than in accepting all things of man’s life.  There is more sanctuary in desiring to accept Who I Am, What I Am, How I Am, How I Will things to be, for in this sanctuary there is a closeness of so many things.

Men in the world shout, ‘Intimacy, familiarity, dependence upon man.’ I say, ‘Service, dedication, commitment, loyalty, to Me, is the greatest assurance for life, in life, that any man in the world can have, can feel, can gain from.’ Men shout, ‘I must conceal my feelings for men will take advantage of me.’ I, your Father, say, ‘Your thoughts, your actions, your will, dependent upon Me, can assure you hope, reward, My Loyalty, My Understanding, My Love.’

At this time, in which you celebrate in the way of mankind, the time upon earth meant for the good of man, from The Divine, is a time of more Greatness, more Light, more Beauty, than you can comprehend.

Through this instrument of Mine, I could speak every moment of the day, giving Lessons ultimately, but men could only give attention to My Words for a given amount of time.  So that is why I act through a child who appears, in every way, spontaneous in Thought, which is Mine; spontaneous in Words, which are Mine; spontaneous in Action, Mine; for this is the Manner, this is the Way I have Decreed it to be, for those who are in the presence of her, hear Me.

At this moment men gather, not all criticizing This Great Miracle, but trying to challenge It, to make It speak for Itself, for they know instinctively, they must rely upon Something more than they have.  Men use this child’s name loosely.  Men speak of this child’s path for Me in a manner upsetting to Me.

There are many plans for the given future; ‘immediate’, you call it. The child knows it and she is aware of them.  More conversation transpires than men know, and they are allowed to know all that is good for them.

This child’s exhaustion is not man’s concern nor care, but the Magnitude that is brought forth through this impossible degree of Strength, reaching Its maximum at this moment, is a Miracle of service, dedication, commitment, no man can know.  I gather her, in what you term ‘the Garment I am seen to have worn’, to protect her from so many areas that try to penetrate what she is, how she is, and the reason for which she was born.

Be aware that This Great Miracle has been given to the world for many, many Souls, not for just the day in which you live, but for years to come, many; for children to better see the Light of the Supernatural World.

I speak lightly through her tonight, in your time, for it is difficult for the weakness of the body to shout My Words as I Decree Them to be shouted to the world.  But she knows the Power I Am, and I smile Here in the Heavens, for you see, she fears you will not understand, through her weak structure, Sounds, the Magnitude of Whom I Am.  Apology always comes from this child.  I want you to know this, for in My Honor, she would be like a bomb in the world if I allowed her the physical strength.

I bless you, and I say: ‘My Power shows. The child knows her service to Me is controlled.’  So be it.”

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