ON JULY 18, 1979 AT 8:00 PM


“How much more will you ask of Me?  How much more do you feel it is necessary for Me to give?  How much more do you want from Me?  I have said to you, ‘My Heart will stop,’ but so many times you do not feel I mean what I say.

The world today has ugliness all around.  All men in the world avoid purity.  I have spoken simple, I have directed with Love, I have instructed with Hope and I have extended My Will, for all who come to This Great Miracle to learn from, to seek out, and join their will with Mine, for the sake of justice and purity.

I speak constantly through this child, through this woman, and men of all kinds ignore My Messages.  I say: ‘I will stop.  I will show My Anger.  I will destroy the immoralities, the impurities, the indignities in the world.’

Men scoff at These Words.  Men feel They are not from Me.  Men see no advantage in believing I would speak this way.  Men stand on the Altars that depict Me, and in every way, they apply themselves in desecration in My Name.

The evil one, the enemy, the deceiver, the one who hands gifts with great ornaments, is drawing men to Hell with him for all eternity.

Men shout, ‘If I had the correct lessons, if I had the correct means, if I knew what The Father wanted of me, I would do it.’ I, your Father, speak.  As I did before in the world, I give Great Messages.  And, at other times, in the time of The Commands I gave, one man heard Me, and today you have These Rules, These Commands to live by.

And then I sought another way to gather Souls to come Here Where I am, and I sent Portions of Me to the earth.  What more do you want from Me?  These Portions were extensions of All I Am, but you must bear in mind, in These Portions of Me is My Justice, My Love, My Creativity.

And now I come to the world, not to seek just some men paying attention to Me, but I come once again to tell mankind the necessity, the necessity to obey The Commands I gave; to seek out the Values and the Truths in the Church, that through it and in which, I gave the positive desire for men to reach Sainthood for all time.

Why do you scoff?  Why do you laugh?  Why do you belittle?  Why do you try to misunderstand?  Why do you not see the Hand of God, of Whom I Am?  Are you so taken with earthly measures, are you so taken with human ideas, that you do not see Me in what I have given?  What else is there, without Me?  There would be not just a void, but a total vacancy.

I am The Light of the world.  I am The Hope of the world.  I am The Father.  I am The King.  I am The Majesty.  I am The Creator of All Things.  I come now to not plead, but to speak openly and say, ‘It is time men stop destroying the Soul I gave and reach for purity.’

This land I chose was My Choosing, for a Particular Plan.  Men say, ‘I cannot see His Reasons.’ I do not ask man for reasons.  I tell man what must be.  This Place upon the earth, small in proportion to What I Am, I say, ‘There is no more land necessary for My Love and My Will to show for all of mankind.’

This child, this woman through whom I speak, is at My Command day and night.  Ridicule does not destroy My Will, My Way, What I design to be.  The whole world must see This Great Miracle that enlightens man to Other Portions of Heaven, to give them the strength to come to be with Me for All Eternity.

You are Blessed, for it is My Will you be Blessed, and I add to This Blessing:  I want your loyalty, I want purity.  So be it.”

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