ON JANUARY 30, 1980


“My beloved sons, I am Saint Bartholomew.  I have spoken many times through this woman in the world; My Words, The Father’s Will for all to hear Direction, Purpose and Goal.

The Light that shines through this woman is a Light of Heavenly Grace, a Light for men to follow, a Light for men to feel the Beauty of God’s Love for each one.  The Light is to reveal to man the Hope for the whole world.

Right now, My sons, you stand in the world.  There is great discussion over This Great Miracle, but the men fear the Power of This Miracle for they do not want to change their thoughts, their ways, their purpose.  They say that their thinking must be recognized, for in their thinking they have learned to teach that particular way, their thinking is good and it had to change in the manner they were directed to change it in, for this was the method by which they were given their destiny, their vocation, their way.

I, Saint Bartholomew, say to the sons throughout the world, and I direct this to you who sit here before her, that you must recognize the reason for this Society1 being formed.  You are to partake in the learning that must pass through the world in many ways.  You are to learn, in a direct manner, how to cope with the things that will come your way through this Society.  You must stand strong in honor, you must stand strong in dignity, and you must express integrity in everything you do.

There are many, many areas for you to think about, but more to learn about.  There are many, many avenues for you to walk in, to adjust to, and to see the Beauty of God’s Love in, for you.

The Light that shines through this woman is a Grace far greater than anything you know.  It is a Grace of Heavenly Design, Heavenly Union with Him.

There are so Many Saints Here in the Heavens who speak through this woman, for the good of mankind.  There are so many purposes given through this woman for the world to better understand the reason for man to be upon the earth, and the Love and Charity of The Divine.

Men mock.  Men say: ‘How can it be, a woman in the world?  Why not me?’ And I, Saint Bartholomew, say: ‘It is The Father’s Choice, not man’s.  It is for The Father’s Will to be done by man.’

There are so many men who fear this woman in the world, for instinctively they know that the Grace that pours forth through her in These Words is a Special Grace for The Father, from The Father, by The Father, for the good of mankind.

If you walk in sin, My sons, any time in the day, remember to immediately ask for forgiveness in a very special way.  Remember to repeat the words, ‘Help me, God, help me to know, help me to save my Soul.’ These Words, My sons, will give you the strength to not sin, the strength to walk in line with Him, and the strength to remember that through This Great Miracle, He gave to the world, not just a Promise, not just a Prophecy, but the Direction for the good of your Soul.

I leave you tonight with a Promise and I say, ‘The more you become pure in His Way, the Greater the Saint you will be one day.’ So be it.”

1  Refers to The Society Of Saint John Vianney.

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