ON FEBRUARY 8, 1980 AT 5:15 PM


“Men resist My Authority.  Men reject My Love.  Men bypass My Gifts.  Men refuse to be honest with Me.  Men are everything but loyal to Me.

Men are positive in their thinking, their opinions, their theory.  They are motivated by self-love, self-indulgence, self-preservation.  Men capitalize on what I have given them, and they refuse to say ‘Thank You’ for them.

Men procrastinate, deliberate, and then mutilate My Gifts.  Men cause abominations in regard to respect to Me.  Men are blasphemous when they refer to Me.  Men are sacrilegious when they partake in Me, in ways with Me.  Men are scornful, and refuse My Love.  Men diminish the hope I hand to them from Above.

It is sacrilegious what is happening through men, with man, in man.  It can be referred to as a diabolical scheme to draw man from Me.

I am The Father, I am All Powerful.  I am The Creator of All Things.  I have the Power to begin over, to rid the world of man.  My Justice is the Ultimate of Justice, My Mercy the Ultimate of Mercy, but I come through this woman with a warning to men: ‘Though I am unlimited in all things, The Heavenly Mother speaks for Me to not be limited in My Tolerance, in My Patience to men, because of the desecrations.’ It is Her Will, Her Wish, Her Desire, Her Hope, that man will see the Value of My Love, My Purpose, My Intention, My Direction, My Wisdom, in all the things I have given man to follow and to see Me in.

As I hold together, in perfect balance, all things, I say, ‘Be aware of My Justice, for in My Justice there is anger against immorality, impurity, indecency, indifference to Me.’ So be it.”

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