ON FEBRUARY 27, 1980 AT 8:55 PM


“God’s Power, holding back all the oceans, is equivalent to the size of a grain of sand.  That’s all it takes for Him to hold all things in place.  It can be compared to when He touches those who love Him; He always uses the most physically weak, for His Power shows through them and from them.  He also protects you through the weakness of ‘the chosen child’, for in His Wisdom, the Power is put into a degree that you can handle, for His Anger, if He were to allow It to be expressed, would be so violent It would kill you.

The Light refreshes you, the Teaching always strengthens you.  The time sends forth Hope, giving you the courage.

I am a Saint Who speaks through this woman at the Will of The Father.  I have spoken many times.  The Light envelops you, penetrates her, and gives strength where It is, for many things.  I hold her, I use her, I command her.

Many men imitate her, but they cannot imitate the Light that shines forth through her, from her, for This Great Gift to the world is One Alone.

I come to you tonight in your time, touching each one differently, holding back the Light for some, for the Light that is sent to the world through This Great Miracle is a Light different than any other one.

She has asked Me if I have favored you with seeing the Light.  I smile at this, for there never has been a time that she does not be concerned with you receiving what The Father Wills, to the fullest.

My Light burns some.  Is this not so?  My Light reflects the Beauty of all that is good, burning the human flesh, to remember what is right.

I am Saint Anastasia.  I come, cradling a woman, holding her, as the instrument to reach you, and your attention to all that is good.  As you feel the Light, be sure you do not refuse It.  As the Light forces Itself into your company, It is dimmed to protect you, for It is far stronger than the sun, greater than any light in the world.  So be it.”

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