ON MARCH 12, 1980 AT 8:40 PM


“The Light of the Heavens radiates through This Great Miracle with an expression of Hope for all mankind.  The Light of the Heavens speaks through this child, through this woman, with Hope for mankind.

Let the Light burn your eyes.  Let the Treasure of It bestow upon you Grace to endure the little hardships of life, but let this Grace handed to you tonight give you the strength to fight for all that is right for the good of your Soul.  Let honor and dignity be your way and let the Light of God’s Love glow your way through a child, through a woman, who stands in this Light night and day.

I smile as I say My Name, for I am now the ‘Saint of The Little Way’.  We gathered with this child to reach you tonight.  We hurried her along the way so We could speak to each of you, for The Father wants your Souls to come This Way.

Many Words have been transmitted, much Love has been given, and Hope has always been in the Rays.  Be aware, My children, to walk ‘the little way’, and as you do, do not fret, but know that as you reach for purity, the blur of the Ray, the haze of the Ray will envelop you every day.

I shine before you tonight.  I glow with God’s Love that is right, and I stand with this child, with this woman, united with God, for This Great Miracle of Hope for all mankind.  As I hold her in ecstasy, the Light is fused with the Grace He declares to be.

Read My way and then use your little way to follow the Light that is now displayed.  Let your being know, promise your Soul that you will work to become a Saint.  Let Sainthood truly be your Goal, for when you make this commitment, you will become dedicated to a specific role.

The Heat, the Light, the Hope, the Grace, the Love, the Mercy, the Justice, are all given to children who love Him above all things.

Promise yourself that you will say to Him, ‘I give You my life, my God, so my Soul will return to You.’ Know, My children, it must come from your own will:  dedication, service, commitment, love, and yes, the will to do His Will with the littleness you are, in the little way you walk, to become a Saint in the manner He decrees, accountable only to Him for All Eternity.

As the Rays lessen, the Graces multiply, the Hope remains, the burning zeal to become a Saint should increase, and the effort you must put forth will be revealed as you reach for purity, as you reach for His Love, as you reach for the stability and strength to persevere in the human way to be with Him Above.

I walked upon the earth.  I committed my life to Him.  You also can.  Remember, His Love is in your little being.  Let your love for Him join His, for in your Soul He lives.  Remember What I have said.  So be it.”

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