ON APRIL 16, 1980 AT 8:00 PM


8:00 P.M.


“Three of Us have alerted the child to a positive Presence of Us in your company on this day in your time.  The reason for the silence was that she was not sure Which of Us was about to speak to you.  There are Three very strong Saints gathering her attention, for in the world today there is only One Miracle such as This, with such Greatness in Teaching, for the whole world to better understand the dignity of mankind and the Purpose for which man was brought to the earth.

I speak slowly through this woman, this child, for her physical is totally spent:  spent of energy, spent of emotion, and spent, in many ways, of hope.  In reality, My Voice is powerful and strong.  In reality, My Voice, through her, many times came almost like a whip.

Men call Me ‘Saint Peter’, and I come on this night because of the Greatness of This Miracle, that men must realize and see the Magnitude of Truth in the Words and the Beauty and possibility of Its Delivery.  Logic would tell man that the Knowledge, the Truth, is so clearly given in a clarity of understanding, joined with Direction for the good of the whole man.  We were taught this way when We walked with Him another day.

The Power of My Words blasts through her body, and it is only the Power of The Father that holds her in an upright position.  I am speaking slower, not for her to hear, but because the physical mechanism strains to pick up in a solid manner, the clarity of the Sounds I project through her, so you may hear Them in a distinct way.

Men, many times, abuse This Great Miracle.  It is sad to say that two thousand years ago, in another time, we did the same.  The Body was not so fragile, delicate, and of course, was of a different Origin.

Another will speak, and We hang on to this woman for it is difficult to explain just how weak she is.  We have been warned to not shout.  I tell you this intimate Message so you will better understand the warrior that has been chosen to lead men of many lands to the correct manner of thinking for the good of each man’s Soul.

I was a man.  You are men.  A blow to your body, you would feel.  Through her, the Sounds of Us have passed through a mechanism far weaker than any of you have. A warrior for God, I would say, ‘par excellence’; I would say, ‘ultimate in fervor, dedication, commitment, strength, purpose and achievement’.  Warriors of This Magnitude are not always physically strong but wear armor difficult to penetrate with weakness from the outside.

I pass to the side, to the left of her.  The Light that shines through her is of Us; that radiates from her, Us.”

8:12 P.M.


“My beloved sons, I am Moses.  I come on this night to repeat to you the Value of the Words that were given to me a long time ago.  My Words are Strength, My Words are Hope, My Words have Purpose, but These Words I obtained from The King, The Father of All Creation, The Father of all mankind.  I received These Words, and They are marked indelibly in the world for all men to know the right and the wrong, and the way they must walk to come Here Where I am.

Men fail, men fall, men falter, but men must know The Rules by which they must cling to, to once again stand straight, stand tall, not to observe but to follow.  Men must realize that The Father, The Creator of all mankind takes These Rules once again, hands Them to the world to be followed to the smallest degree, for you see, there is no rule given to man in the world that exceeds These.

I speak firm through this child, through this woman, and I say, ‘I personally admonish any man who ignores These Rules given by The King.’ I speak through a delicate voice, but as I do, the Power of Me is handed through These Words to you, for as These Words are spoken with a weak voice, there is not One of Them that does not ring true.

We, Here in the Heavens, use this child, this woman, to continuously teach mankind to see the order that must be kept, the dignity that must be upheld, and the integrity holding mind, body and Soul in a position where values are sound; morals, sound.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time of hate for The Father, a time of sacrilege, blasphemy, heresy.  You live in a time of ugliness.  You live in a time of total weakness, but that does not mean that you cannot rise above it.  You have the means, you have the intellect, you have the Words, you have the Direction.  You have been given not a new set of rules, but you have been given the Light of Hope, showing you that The Rules He set down three thousand years plus ago, are The Rules you can live by, and live forever because of.

I close My Words on this night and I say: ‘The Light of the Heavens hands you Truth.  You have a will to use the Light for the good of your Soul, or to dismiss the Light because you feel you are bold.’

Be blessed, My sons, and My daughter, by the Words of The Father, and know, the whole world will suffer greatly if men do not change and obey The Rules.  So be it.”

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