ON JUNE 12, 1980 AT 4:42 PM


“I will announce Myself immediately.  I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  I have spoken many times through this woman in the world who walks a Path of Direction, handing to all mankind the Words We say, and using Our inflection.

My Heart glows with the Light of The Holy Eucharist, and for some time now, the hurt within My Heart is large, much, voluminous in size, for men are striking out bitterly at This Sacred Gift of The Father’s, for His Closeness with mankind, the Promise made a long time ago regarding the Sacredness of This Sacrifice, holds true in your time, in your day, God’s Way.

The Light of His Love shines forth through This Great Miracle from Above.  Men must begin to honor, hold in high places, This Sacrifice that was given, depicting, expressing, showing the Love, the Gift, the Hope that is The Father’s.

You are privileged children of His, for the Light upon which My Words travel to you is a Light of Divine Power, Divine Glow, Divine Existence, radiating from The Father’s Will, for men to know the Value of Faith in God, the necessity for children to serve, and yes, the beauty of each child’s role to not just search, not just prepare, but to utilize the human role to its fullest as ‘Sainthood the Goal’.

I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, in speaking to you today, want you to know that though this is a Blessed Role this child, this woman walks in, it is a Role of commitment that takes much physical strength, much mental strength, and of course, much Spiritual innocence, with confidence, trust, in The Father’s Will.

Men throughout the world are blinded by their emotions, by their desires, by their personal ambition, and of course, by their own selfishness.  It is terrible for Us to see the blasphemous manner, the undignified attitude, and the immorality men accept in every vocation of life, always omitting the Purpose of their Soul.

The Light from My Breast is the Light of Hope for the whole world.  It is the Light of The Holy Eucharist that must be protected from the vile matter, manner, of men who are in control.

I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, have spoken These Words.  I have come to the world to tell you:  You must never walk away from This Great Miracle, for you see, you stand on the battleground of Faith shouting ‘Christianity’, but even more, your Sword is the Sword of Love from Him to protect what you know is definitely Him.  The Light of His Power has given millions of Words to the world.  Protect These Words, protect the Solemnity of Them, protect Where They come from, and know, all through time, it has been the Special Faith of a few that have given the world the Way The Father Wills.

I bless you with the Beat of the Rays that emanate from My Breast, for in this Blessing, I am blessing you with The Holy Eucharist, of Which, by Which, with Which, for Which, I am well-known.  So be it.”

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