ON AUGUST 2, 1980 AT 7:10 PM


“Men defy My Will.  Men defy My Rules.  Men defy My Church.  Men defy what I want them to do.  Men defy the Beauty I want them to see in Me.

Men define what they want life to be.  Men define it according to their own ambitious ways, according to their own animosities, according to their definition of life in the world, accusing Me of not understanding what life is all about.  They forget that I am The Creator of life, I am The Giver of all things.

Men defile Me in many ways.  There are many sacrilegious occurrences in the world.  Men honor My enemy.

Men procrastinate when I want things done.  Where I want them done, they say it cannot be.  Men refuse to see how I would work in the world for the betterment of men and for the good of each man’s Soul.

Men intimidate Me.  Men, in so many ways, blaspheme Me.  Men steal from Me.  Men are gluttonous where life is concerned, omitting Me from their way, their will.  Men lean on lust, of sensuality, for sensuality, in sensuality, catering to what they feel is reality to them, omitting Me.

Men walk in anxiety, not tranquillity and peace, for men are always trying to outsmart Me.  Men are practicing creativity.  They are demoralizing creativity as I intended it to be.

Men, in ignorance, are accepting the evil one’s manner of gifts, always putting self-love, self-preservation, selfishness, as the motive for all things.

I say to the whole world, through this woman in the world, that men must begin to realize and to see the reality of where they are going, what they are doing, and how they are opposing Me.  I cannot allow man to continue to do all the things against Me that man is not just practicing, but violating My Rules, My Commands, in every way.  Men are alibiing, not just making excuses.  Men are defiling My Name and All Things about Me.

I want man to know I know what he is doing and I do not favor his approach.  My Anger is welling up and I want man to know the sinfulness I see must cease.

I have Blessed the world through a Great Miracle, a Miracle of Honesty, of Truth, of Sincerity, of Dignity, delivering to all men My Name, My Will, and what I want each man to do, to perceive, to conceive, to admit to.

I bless you, My children, and I say, ‘Pass These Words on to all men, for men must begin to see It, read It, delve into the Full Meaning of It, and then change their ways.’ So be it.”

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