ON AUGUST 13, 1980 AT 8:30 PM


“It is our Faith in God that makes us better understand real protection.  It is our handling of our responsibilities that helps our Faith grow, for He was the Greatest Example of being a Responsible Person in the world, through His Actions and What He gave us, What He left for us, to guide us.

God’s Light shines in many ways.  We think of It as a flame burning.  We think of It as something unusual.  We think of It as something not ordinary, and yet the Light of Divine Love shines in our midst every moment of every day.  We are never without God.  We are never without His Love for us.

Men speak of love.  There is no love in the world comparable to the Love God has for all of us.  Men say, ‘I want hope.’ God hands man hope, perhaps not in the particular way that man has asked for it to be handed to him, but hope reflects from many things to man daily.

Sometimes the Light that is given through a kind act inspires each of us to walk a better path.  Sometimes, someone just telling us what is right, what is good, makes us stop and think of where we’re at.  Sometimes a favor makes us respond, wanting to return the act of love.  We must always remember that God’s Light shines through many things, through many words from others, and of course, always shines back to us from our own acts.

My beloved children, I am Saint Therese and I speak through this woman in the world, for I can remember back to the things that affected My life most, and they were little acts.  I was not always the performer.  Many times I was the receiver, and I found in these things, hope, and I found that this Light, this Ray, this Glow, gave stability to me and made the dark hours of each day worth more, for in them, I found I could pray, perhaps more deeply, perhaps more sincerely, perhaps in a more sound way.

I ask you, My daughters, on this night, to see the Beauty of God’s Light not just with your eyes, but in all things that you experience during the day.  And be sure that when things become unreasonable He is there, if you will but think of Him, speak His Name, and remember that He truly does care.

Sainthood is for each of you.  He waits for you Here.  It is not impossible, it is not for someone else.  It is His Goal for each of you, intended personally, for you see, you are the custodian of a Soul, you are the one He has given this Soul to, to return It to Him.

Do not ignore the small acts of love in which you can perform constantly, for these add up to many Graces earned by each of you individually, and the Light of His Love will shine on you particularly one day when you stand before Him and He does say: ‘It was through all the little acts you accepted in My Name.  It was your Faith in how I would love these acts you gave Me one day.  I am ready for you to be with Me in the Light of the Heavens so you will see what you have earned through loving Me.’

Oh, My daughters, I heard These Words, and the Sound of Him rings all through the Heavens, and All of Us Here say, ‘It is worth every thing you do, it is worth every effort you make, it is worth every thought you have, to do all things His Way.’

The Light is of Him; I come to you on It, in It, surrounded by It.  This Miracle of The Beloved One is a Treasure to behold, a Treasure for everyone.  The Light is a transferring of Grace to touch you so you will grow more in love with service to Him, whether you are here in this room or any other place.

There are Others Here with Me Who stand in these Rays.  They, too, bless you and say: ‘It is worth fighting for.  It is worth all the trouble you may want to ignore.’ Fight, My children, so one day you will stand at This Door, not having to knock, but knowing this:  We will be waiting for you and He will be The One Who will let you in.  So be it.”


I will tell you what I see.  Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Margaret Mary, Saint Athanasius; Saint Peter, smiling; Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Bernard, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Damien, Saint John Bosco.

There are countless Numbers of Them, and Saint Alphonsus Liguori says:


“The reason you have experienced through This Great Miracle, the Words from so Many of these beloved Saints, is because All of the Heavens has come forth through This Miracle because of The One for Whom This Miracle came to the world.  All of the Heavens want the whole world to know Who He Truly Is, the Greatness He Is, and the Beauty of This Miracle.  So be it.”

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