ON AUGUST 17, 1980 AT 3:30 PM


“There is always a parade of Us where this woman is.  There are always a Number of Us surrounding Him.  It is happiness to be close to Him.  It is sincere love for Him that makes Us wish to please Him.

It is His Love for man that encourages Us to give all children in the world Teaching, Direction to Divine Plan.

The Beauty of Heaven is to be with Him.  The more We are with Him, the more We want to please Him, to serve Him, and to show Him that Our Love is for Him.

We are The Saints in Heaven.  One time We walked the earth as you, and now it is Our task Here with Him, to do His Will.

There are Many of Us present wherever this woman is, but you must also remember that as He promised to be with her through Every Word, through Every Action, through Every Step, through every moment of every day, We cling to Him, for there would be no happiness to be away from Him.

We have come here today to say These Words in unison with Each Other, for We want you to know the Importance of This Great Miracle must show in your actions, in your thoughts, in your words, in your deeds, in your service, for the manner in which you act now will be repeated Here in the Vision of The Holy Trinity, close to Him in every way.

There is no better way to live in the physical role than to work for Sainthood as your Goal.  So be it.”

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