ON AUGUST 25, 1980 AT 5:23 PM


“It is true We are smiling at the hesitation in pronouncing ‘Dymphna’.  I am Saint Dymphna.

There are so many areas for This Great Miracle to be projected to the world, that men must begin to see that The Father has not forgotten them, that He has remained with them to allow them to know what they must do.  The Father would not allow man to be alone at a time such as this.

There is great tragedy in the world.  There is great turmoil.  Men are extremely sensitive to the horror and it is affecting the nervous system of man.  Men are joining in the horror because they feel it is expected of them in this time in which they live; but, it is important for men to know that this way of life, this type of living has an extreme effect upon their nervous system, and upon their thoughts where stability is concerned, logic is concerned.  You must know this.

Be aware, My children, that the sensitivity to all that is going on throughout the world will take its toll on your nervous system, and the nervous system is a very important system of life, for your nerves in your body can give you a feeling of good health, sound mind, and sensible spirituality.

Do not forget, Saint Dymphna has spoken to you today and wants you to know that it is through God’s Love for you that I have been allowed to talk to the whole world through This Great Miracle.  So be it.”

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