ON JANUARY 14, 1981


“I, Saint Catherine of Siena, walked the earth with all the desires of human nature, human loves, human hopes.  My environment, and of course, my way was to walk a heavy path in many ways; a responsible role.

When I recognized the Light of The Father I knew that my position was a very tedious one.  My voice was not always gentle when I spoke, and my step was not always, perhaps dignified and slow, but I desired to accomplish God’s Will in the world, and I knew, as His Light touched me, it was for the good of the world.

I did not walk in a Light that men saw.  I did not feel the heat of the Light like you may think I did, but I knew in my heart and I knew in my mind that the Words I spoke, the Steps I took, the Direction I gave, was from The Divine.

I have spoken many times through this instrument in the world.  She takes My Words, she picks Them up, she hands Them to you, she delivers Them as The Father Wills.

I was one day upon the earth, I would say, as tired as she.  It is difficult to walk in the Light of Divine Love with physical tiredness obviously.

Men say, ‘It’s possible she tells the truth today, but what if she makes a mistake?’

I walked this way.  Men would say, ‘I believe you, Catherine, I see it that way.’ And I would say: ‘Then follow it.  Be prepared to carry it on in every way.’ ‘I want to, Catherine, in every way.  Don’t leave me, Catherine, I know I will stray.’

Today, this woman in your time hears these words in a very same way.  But there is so much more, for you see, men do not see the beauty of the will they have, the choice they have, and the Love of The Holy Trinity.

The Light of Heaven’s comes to the earth.  It is ever present, but you are not always aware of It or Its Worth.  The Light you bear is the Soul you have, and I, Saint Catherine of Siena, say, ‘Do you care?’ Some of you say, ‘Yes.’ Some of you say: ‘I wonder if I do.  I wonder if I know how to care.’ And I want you to know there is a beginning to caring and there is a way to care.  There is a purpose to caring.

The first step, of course, is to care; care about your Soul, care about your life, care about what you are doing, care about the words you speak, care about the role you play, your fairness in it.  Is it a deliberate role?  Do you protect this role with your life?  Do you think in a petty manner?  Do you not care what others have?  You must, you know, for this is the way God intended life.

Example is very important in your everyday action, thoughts, deeds and words, for you do not know who will imitate you in a small way.  It could be a child.  It could be a grownup.  What impact do you have on other men?

I remember one time I stood with a very special man.  He was used to giving orders, and when he came to me I said: ‘Your Lordship, are you fair?  Do you allow the freedom of a will to all you speak to?’ And he said to me: ‘Not always, Catherine, I disagree.  I disagree with how they think, I disagree with their intention.’ And I said to him, quite sharply, ‘Is it just your opinion they are wrong?’ ‘Well, perhaps it is,’ he said to me.

So tonight I, Saint Catherine of Siena, say to you, with the Light of The Father, with the Hope in His Love, that when you speak, you speak with Him in mind Up Above.  When you walk into a room, don’t expect a light to shine, but express the Light in your eyes and your words, in your steps, so others will know that you do love The Divine.

And as you motivate others to do many other things, be sure that your example is what you would show to kings.  Do not be on your good behavior for those who are important.  Be on your good behavior for everyone you meet; for never omit the Soul of a man, Who is always present, Who greets your Soul as you meet.  Imagine the shame of some Souls when They walk into the presence of someone else’s Soul Who shines purely.

Be aware, My daughters, that when you face tomorrow, you do not face tomorrow alone; you face it as a duo, you and your Soul.  Your Soul does not tug at your garment and say, ‘Don’t go that way.’ The Soul is ever aware of the will God gave you to decide a way, but be aware that everything you do, your Soul reflects in many ways:  the beauty of your thoughts, the ugliness you express, and of course, the purity of light you gave your Soul that day.

It is truly I, Saint Catherine of Siena.  I have spoken on this night to make you aware that there is a great fight.  You are a warrior on the battlefield in more ways than you know, for you are a warrior for moral good; and you must be aware of this and you must be cautious, for do not forget, every move you make, every thought you have, every word you say, every step you take, your Soul reflects this.  So be it.”

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