ON FEBRUARY 11, 1981


“Some people say they never see the Light.  Light from Heaven comes in many, many ways.  It comes through the Words.  It comes through the Direction.  It comes through the Example.  It comes through a physical way.  It comes through a tremendous pressure sometimes, on some people’s physical.

It is not a streak of lightning.  Light from Heaven is Hope, It is understanding, It is a personal thing to each person who comes in contact with It, who opens their heart to It, and who has the Faith to believe in It.  Light from Heaven is many colors, has many facets to It, many reasons for It, many purposes to It.  Light from Heaven is varied, but It is consistent in one thing:  It is for the good of man’s Soul.

When We listen for Words to be said, for Direction to be given, We listen for the Ultimate of Direction that We can receive no other place, and in Our Hearts We know at such a time as this, God has given His Love a special way through a particular Soul.

We Saints Here in the Heavens respond to His Love for mankind immediately, always ready to speak and to give and to radiate Hope as He prescribes It to be, for the good of man’s Soul.  We have spoken many times through this instrument, this funnel, who walks in a cocoon of His Direction, His Control.  It is not just for the wise or the learned.  The Miracle of Hope is for the whole world.

When all men stand before The Father, He will not say to them, ‘Were you wise upon the earth?’ He will say, ‘Were you “just” upon the earth?’ He will not say, ‘Were you rich?’ He will say, ‘Were you charitable to other men?’ He will not say, ‘Were you happy?’ He will say, ‘Were you good example to other men?’ He will not say, ‘Did you see the Light I sent one day?’ He will say, ‘Did you have the Faith to believe how I would act?’

It is difficult, My daughters and My sons, to fully understand such a generous questioning and act, but all things that are spoken are for you to understand better the Purpose of life, the Goodness of God, and the Hope He has in His Plan.

He may say, ‘You were very generous but in your generosity there was selfishness, for you felt if you were to give, it would be returned back.’

My children, I am The Holy Ghost, and I come to you tonight in a Love that I want back, but in a different manner than you would act.

I want you to understand, I want you to know the Beauty of being man.  I want you to see the Purpose of it.  I want you to know the Reason for it.  And I want you to understand what a privilege it was to walk upon the earth, for Me, as ‘man’.  The Example, the Charity, the Purpose was All from Divine Plan.

The light in the world you always recognize, the natural, the artificial, but you do not always recognize God’s Light.  It is Ultimate in every way, Pure in every facet, and is given through your Faith, through your love for Him, as He planned.

He has always used ‘an instrument’ that men could understand.  The Perfection of the time the Three of Us walked the land was a time of Ultimate Means, Manner and Way, but all the other times, most of them, were through a human man.

I have come to the world for many reasons at This Time.  I have come to make Announcements and to encourage men to better understand The Father’s Plan, the beauty and the dignity of human life, the Love that was sent through many means so that men would understand God wanted each one to return to Him.

You are special in so many ways.  You must know this, for you must realize He made each man to His Image and Likeness, and the Purity of His Plan was more than generous to every man.

I come to the earth at your time in life, and I give to you Hope to counteract all the strife.  I say to you, ‘Be pure.’ I say to you: ‘Understand the Purpose of your Soul, and remember, you are Its custodian.  It is the Part of you that will return to Him.’

In the world men many times do not want to understand that I am The Holy Ghost, The Wisdom and The Light, The Truth and The Hope.  I warn you, alert you, that This Miracle of Hope and Light is also the Justice by Which and from Which you will be Judged for your actions, for your intentions, for your example, for your charity, for your obedience to His Commands.

You are Blessed in so many ways.  You have been given the Rays of Hope but you have also been given a responsibility for your Faith, for your Faith in God must see the Value of your Soul.  Do not try to escape the reality of why you were born.  There is no escape.  My children, I, The Holy Ghost, beseech you:  Tell God tonight you will become a Saint.  So be it.”

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