ON APRIL 4, 1981 AT 3:54 PM


“I have spoken with millions of Words, repeating what I desire, what I expect, what I demand each man to use, to follow, to perform, for the good of each man’s Soul.

I am The Father of All Creation.  I am The Creator of All Creation.  I am The Justice.  I am The Judgment, and each man born to the world is bound to Me in a manner and in a way that must be seen as Purity.

The noblest of men are My Creation.  The simplest of men are My Creation.  The intellect of men comes from Me.  The physical of men was designed by Me.  The Soul of man is a Portion of Me.

I have given to the world a form of total communication with Me, through an instrument who is bound to Me, in obedience to My Will, according to what I Decree.

This City of Mine is designed by Me for the benefit of mankind, for the Purpose to return Souls to Me.

Men talk about their Soul but they do not always see the reality of It as Union with Me.  They speak of Its existence and many firmly believe in the Judgment I will pass, I will place on the Soul accordingly.

Men reportedly and repeatedly discuss their Faith in Me openly, but they sometimes, in fact, many times, omit the reality of their Soul’s Value, Truth, Reason, Purpose, Goal, that has been set by Me.

I am The Father.  I am The Son.  I am The Holy Ghost.  I am The Almighty One.  I am Reality.  I am Life.  I am Hope.  I am Destiny.  I am All Things.

Be understanding in All that I have spoken.  Feel security in What I have said.  Take nothing for granted, but use all I have given you and commend your whole being to serve Me in the manner I Decree it must be.

I have Spoken.  I have Commanded.  I Am The Holy Trinity.”

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