ON APRIL 22, 1981


“Heaven has walked through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, and I, Saint Catherine of Siena have spoken many times, for men do not realize it is a time of a great war and that many men refuse to accept their place on the battlefield, fighting for The Father’s Will to be done, according to His Word.

When I walked the earth, I was placed many times in a position explaining what The Father Willed, and many times men would confer with me and argue with me and deny me, and then beg me to understand.  Sometimes they wanted me to be right and sometimes they wanted me to be wrong, according to their mood or their situation regarding their environment, their own case, their own opinions.

Today I speak through a woman in the world and I say to the whole world through her: ‘Do not lean upon man’s opinion but lean upon the Truth in the given Words.  Lean upon the Logic, the Wisdom, the Sincerity, the Humility, the Greatness, the Hope, the Understanding, the Justice, and yes, the Sound Direction that makes the Words have Great Worth.’

It is truly I, Saint Catherine of Siena, and I say to you upon the earth: ‘You stand in the Light of Divine Hope.  You stand in the Light of Divine Words.  You stand in the Light of Divine Direction, and you stand surrounded by Divine Help.’ Do not ignore what you know is right, what you know is truth, what you know is good, what you know is for the good of your Soul.  Do not deny what The Father Wills for you.  All things directed through This Great Miracle are for the good of your Soul.

The Light of the Heavens is a Special Light, it is a Grace-giving Light, it is a Light of Direction.  It is a Light of Superior Knowledge, a Light of Superior Hope.  It is a Light from the Supernatural Love of The Father’s Will.

It is difficult sometimes for men to understand the role of purity is the way The Father Wills for each man.  There are excuses all around.  We hear them.  They are nothing but excuses.  Many times there is no hope in excuse, there is only denying the correct way, what is expected, what should be.

All of Us Here in the Heavens come through this woman, according to The Father’s Will, as He Decrees it to be.  Remember, the Light that burns your eyes, the Light that presses against your being, the Light that maybe some of you feel or some of you see, is a Light that shines forth from The Father, through Me.  And when These Things are here, I, Saint Catherine of Siena, say, ‘It is a Blessing beyond man’s understanding, and All the Words you hear are to give you strength and understanding.’

Be aware of the Light.  Be aware of the Rays.  Be aware of the Wisdom.  Be aware of the Direction, and be aware, My children, that The Father’s Will is in Each Ray that surrounds you, that encompasses you, that instills in you the knowledge that you are present and touched by Supernatural Grace.

Be alert and be aware.  Be concerned, choose well, and know that as you live upon the earth your Soul seeks the Purity The Father teaches about, directs you in, for do not forget, the will you have was given by Him.  The Goal He has set for you; He gives you the freedom to choose to be with Him.

As I speak, I want each of you to understand that My Presence here with you this night in your time was allowed by Him.  It is a privilege for Me to speak in this manner, and I speak to you because of My Love for Him, and All of Us Here hope that you, too, will one day be able to share in the service to Him, in the same way that We share with you.

His Blessing reaches out and draws you to Him.  My Love for Him beseeches each of you to never stray from Him.  So be it.”

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