ON MAY 27, 1981 AT 8:22 PM


“One time, a long time ago, when men were standing in a particular place, I, too, stood there listening to a Man speak.  I wondered if what He was saying was what I wanted to hear.  And the more He spoke, the more He delivered the Words, I found Direction in Them for me.  I found in Each Word a Ray of Hope.  I found in Each Word a Streak of Light.  I found in Each Word, Direction, and I found in Each Word a Purpose for my life.

I found that I wanted to stay and I found that I wanted to hear more from this Man that I really did not know too well, but I knew I would linger for more than days.  I listened and I walked away when the crowd was dispersed, but in my chest I felt a weight and in my eyes I felt a hurt.

I want you to know while you are upon the earth, that it was a long time ago that I stood with this Man on earth.  In your day My Name is known, but in your day men, in their own way, throw at Him stones.  They ignore What He gave, they ignore Who He was and Who He is, because at this time they believe more in man’s words.  You know now He is and He was The Son of God.  Would you have believed it then?  Would you have stayed?  Would you have looked to Him or would you have walked away?

You live in a time that such times are being repeated for the good of your Soul.  The Truth still travels on The Father’s Light.  The Beauty of Purity is transferred through Her Love for mankind.  The Purpose of human life is special, you are told, and I ask you, each of you, ‘Do you truly love Him as you stand in the world?’

At that time they called me ‘John’.  I am yet known as ‘John’, and I now travel on the Power of His Light and in the Light of His Power, from Heaven to the world.  All of Heaven rings out to give mankind Truth, but I must tell you this:  Before We speak We ask for permission, unless We are already told.

It is important, My children, for you to understand that as God speaks through this woman, it is His Love for every man.  You are never without the protection from Him, but you must remember that your Faith must be bound to Him, and as you stand in the world in such a little way, He gives you the privilege to do more than just pray.  He asks you in your little way to re-establish what He began another day.  Do not be frightened though the task is heavy.  Remember, He only asks particular things from particular children, for He knows they will do His Will accordingly.

I beseech you to do His Will and He will repay you abundantly, but be aware that as you perform His Will, do it with dignity and humility, and as you do, remember that the Light of His Love passes to you, and though you may not feel the warmth of It, know that Grace passes through This Light for the good of your Soul.

It is a tragic time upon the earth and that is why All of Heaven has come forward to give men Hope, for without This Great Miracle, the world would not know what The Father Wills for the good of men’s Souls.

I stood and listened, I walked along, I thought about what was said, and now I say to you: ‘Do the same, and when you do, recognize the Hope, the Love, and do not forget the Truth that you are given will live on forever; the things in life that you enjoy will pass.  Cling to the Truth and be assured that following the Truth with Pure Faith will get you to Heaven.’  So be it.”

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