ON JUNE 13, 1981


“There are so many, many Messages that I have given to the world through this instrument, through this woman, through this child, the obedient servant of The Father, for men must know that the day must come and they must stand before The Father, not the physical as you know, but the Soul that stands in the Light of The Father’s Will, and Who reflects all you are, all you have done, all you have given to the world.

I am Saint Joan of Arc.  Many men speak My Name, many men say, ‘She did great things,’ but I want you to know, no matter what I did upon the earth, I could never accomplish all the things God had wanted me to do, for men got in my way.  But Here in the Heavens I see the necessity to help an instrument that must walk a particular way.

All of Heaven comes forward through This Great Miracle for We have been commissioned, We have been commanded to see that the whole world receives The Father’s Way and Will, for the Soul to be with Him for All Eternity.

Men might get tired, men might become weary, and men might say, ‘It is difficult to walk such a particular path every day,’ but I, Saint Joan, want you to know it is worthwhile, for the Light of the Heavens shines upon the whole earth through This Great Miracle that looks so natural, feels so good, says so much, and is like the Star over Bethlehem for the whole world.

Follow the Light, My children, and be aware that God’s Love is in This Great Miracle, and when you touch the Light of This Miracle and you learn from What is said, pass It on to others, and be aware that example is what God wants you to be, of This Great Miracle for The Holy Trinity.

And as you walk in the Light of the Heavens, through your Faith, in your love for Him, know, All The Saints, All The Angels, and yes, The Heavenly Court says: ‘Love God so much you will do nothing but serve Him.  Love Our Heavenly Lady so much that you will do all things to please Her.  And be aware of The Holy Ghost, for in This Light that shines from God, you must know that your Soul will feel Eternal Glow.’  So be it.”

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